Posted November 17, So, back to this one-Ecstasy is more club and have nothing to do with psy-music They can’t all be popular Why not create an account? I even kinda like the cheesy cover, though they could have done better.

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Bold Italic Link Add an image new! There is, as usual with GMS, not a single bad track on this album. Mescaline with the crazy guitars and the album’s only redeeming sample – Let’s all take some messsssssssssscaline!! I’m not the kind into drugs, ayahuascq from what I know about them, these tracks seem to fit in nicely the “mood” produced by each drug ie.

Guest Le Lotus Bleu. But who the hell cares 1200 mics ayahuasca the cover. Marijuana has a more laid back feeling, Ecstacy has a clubby Ibiza feeling – hey, after all, most Es are done in clubs– and so on. It’s the music that’s important.

Posted September 21, I like all the songs but the best one are: Been here, done this. But I dont like that the tracks are getting shorter. Honestly, even back in we had better tunes than this Leave your name in the history! This music ayahuascs for kids.


Micrograms (album) – Wikipedia

Since this one makes me smile for all the right reasons, i’ll award it 8. I mourn for the days of cool psytrance like Chi a. Also we collected some tips and tricks for you:. Ask us or our community about the part of the song that interests you We 1200 mics ayahuasca try to respond as soon as possible.

Posted December 2, And this albums rocks my ass!

Micrograms [Tip Records] :: Beatport

The dimension of the spirit world. The theme is kept through the whole album. If you have none, there’s no special reason to check this out over any other GMS record.

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From the samples can I only say. Best tracks are track 2, 4, 6 and 8, but they are all killers. But as we all know, instead they released the more innovative and in my opinion best album of the year, No Rules, under their 2100 name.


I even kinda like the cheesy cover, though they could have done better.

1200 Mics – Ayahuasca

Take this one – In Magic mushrooms, the only sample is “magic mushrooms, 1200 mics ayahuasca mushrooms, magic mushrooms” echoing all the time.!!!

This whole drug thingi, with the tracknames and drug-samples Rocks! I m a little bit disapointed by the length of the album that lasts only 64 minand the song dmt has been released 3 years ago Posted December 22, And those lame samples are in every track.