All of the screenshots in this article are taken from SyncBackSE. No issues that I know of or can think of that are a “con”. Vulnerability statistics provide a quick overview for security vulnerabilities of this software. Sync Back pro feels a bit expensive since only use a couple features not included in syncback free. This software does what we need it to exactly. It allows multiple backup and Sync profiles to be grouped together and ran at the same time.

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Charts may not be displayed properly especially if there are only a few data points.

SyncBack runs seamlessly and without much intrusion into my daily work 2brightsparks syncback. Syncback pro is really great program lets you configure several profiles for different purpouse. I can do synchronised backup, drive 1 to another one and vice versa. Vulnerabilities with publish dates before are not included in this table and chart.

After each successful synchronization you can pull up a nicely organized log file for review. I also like that you can set up the backups with versioning.

I have worked with it, very understandable and easy to use. CVE or or About SyncBackPro 2brightsparks syncback sync and backup application for Windows that enables individuals and small businesses to schedule backups and analyze data.


Any use of this information is at the user’s risk. You can view what is included with the pay version HERE.

SyncBack – Wikipedia

The first few times I used the software I had to double check that the files I 2brightsparks syncback to backup were in fact backed up because I was unsure if the settings I had used to configure the software were correct. I dont have any that I can think of.

If the system has it available, i’ll use rsync and a cron job. Comprehensive features for the power user.

Now i just don’t bother syncing most of that, I have my local stuff backed up to Dropbox or other cloud syncing services, automatic and near real-time. Incredibly easy solution for backups. Windows Mac iPhone Android. Should that happen, I will just boot up another computer and resume my business with little downtime as I have backup of the critical 2brightsparks syncback on an external USB flash drive.

Otherwise there are several additional options to choose from before and after creating the sync profile.


Icons can be more intuitive, should be able to set 2 IPs at a time, so no 2brightsparks syncback to change once servers are changed Overall: The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere.

2brightpsarks options and flexibility this synchronization and backup utility are virtually endless. No issues that I know of or can think of that are a “con”.


As with the backup you have the option to run a simulation.

2brightsparks Syncback : CVE security vulnerabilities, versions and detailed reports

Cross Site Request Forgery. Selected vulnerability types are OR’ed. Execute Code 1 Overflow 1. There are NO warranties, implied or otherwise, with regard to this information or its use. This page lists vulnerability statistics for all versions 2brigthsparks 2brightsparks Syncback.

This program has always done what it said it would unless the drive or FTP server was off. Syncback pro 2brightsparks syncback me synchronize my files in a safe way and they can be encrypted, so it gives me security for them, helps control each profile and tasks can be schedule, its great and avoids to have many users instead there is only one.

OK, now we need to select the files to synchronize and create a description of where the 2brightspzrks is located. I use SyncBackPro on a daily basis to backup network drives and folders and I haven’t had any issues with the software. After everything is in place you will 2brightsparks syncback a full description of your synchronization setup.