So it is a good idea to photograph a scene where are more objects in different distances from the camera. Just load your photo to your computer and to 3DJournalDX software, use the tool for making lines to outline the object in the front for example the man , then use the fill tool – and fill the man with white color. Click to the right part of the image to shift it left, you may similarly click to the left, up or bottom part of the image. For quick adjustment of the position of the images use the button with 4 arrows – then in the main 3D image click to a point in the left image – and then to the same point in the right one. For example white color for the nose and the belly of the man and a grey for its hand behind his back. Send a link to this page to your friends on Facebook: Create a movie from these images.

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Easily convert your photos to 3D

If it does not help then you should use 3djournaldx pen to make correction on the mask – to fit. How to convert 2D video to 3D? For example a person which should be in front of the scene. On it’s website you can find: To make even the details 3D you can use slightly different colors for them. These – and some other questions – will be answered in this article. Tips for recording of 3D video 3djournaldx It 3djournakdx able to save 3D images to the standard formats including stereo 3djournaldx.


The easiest way to do it is through the so-called 3D masks.

3DJournalDX 1.1

To return undo press the right arrow button. If the lines of the square are not properly connected, the color will flow outside of the square. The price of this product is quite high – if you want to continue using it 3djournaldx have to pay a licence starting at euros. New 3D software 3DJournal 3.

It will be 3djournaldx during saving. There is one great trick: If you already shoot photos or films in 3D, then you probably will need the 3DJournal Software. Can recover any files like a magic as it said in its description, works on any file system of Hard disk is one of the important 3djournaldx in the computer system, it needs to be protected, Press the button again to see the image in its 3djournaldx size.

3DJournal Software – The best software for download

How to shoot a 3D movie? Let’s skip introductions and go directly to the main theme – how 3djournaldx make our photos 3D. The image then will be shown in its window.

And on the real 3D image the eyes – and then the brain – can see two different images – one by the left eye and one by the right 3djournaldx. On it’s 3djournaldx you can find: All the images will be processed in the same way as the first one – including rotation, shifting and cropping before saving. If you press the Shift key and press any of the mentioned buttons, only left image changes. For example white color for the nose and the belly of the man and a grey for its hand behind 3djournaldx 3djouraldx.


So you can return to your image editing anytime and use the older parameters for example for preparing frames for your 3D movie.

If you want to set a color which was used previously somewhere in 3djournaldx mask then 3djoyrnaldx to the pipette button and then to the appropriate place in the mask.

3DJournalDX ke stažení zdarma

And because you may want to know more information than this article provides, for most 3djournaldx the topics we offer links to our archives – to articles covering selected important topics in great detail. There are a few programs which are able to convert 2D photos to 3D photos anaglyph. And when 3djournaldx press the trigger, slowly shift the camera to the right.

Use 3D glasses and continue the shifting until the 3D effect is the best possible. Maybe you have some old photos or you need to use your normal 3djournaldx camera and there is a motion on the scene.

Special stereoscopic files JPS and PNS are saved 3djournaldx the left image on the right side and the right image on the left side cross-eyedfor other files the choosen or default color coding is used.

When finished choose how much should the selected part of the image go to the front depth Shift and click to Step1-Make.