Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. However, the consistent quality thrash found here is more than enjoyable. Oh, and for those who have read the previous review, this is the song where vocalist Danny Tomb sounds the most like James Hetfield, and in the middle part the similarity is so evident that it could be credible as a guest appearance by the Metallica frontman. Unfortunately, they confined all the good ideas in a few songs, and, as a matter of fact, probably only two tracks on here will surprise you, if you’re expecting the ordinary revival thrash album. In this sense, Submission for Liberty is yet another safe, well produced bridge that spans the Pacific Ocean and links the chains between Australia and The Bay Area. One of the best modern thrash bands imo and even better, they’re from my home town!

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So-so thrash, and only worth consciously approaching if you are big on Metallica, Evile and the like. Also check out the latest Survivalistwhich follows a not too different path.

It will have you banging your head for hours, wishing you could see them live. So far, so good. A precious exception is the title-track, a slice of thrash that relies on speed more than all the others and features a good technical solo. Those sumbission are starving for a vocalist who nails the alcoholic 4arm submission for liberty that Hetfield immortalized, Danny Tomb might just be your man.

4Arm – Submission for Liberty (album review ) | Sputnikmusic

BlackLlama December 20th Comments. In a way, the same can be said for the actual instrumentals found here. If your into thrash, give this album a try, you won’t regret it.

So for those expecting the next Exhorder or something, look elsewhere, as this is militaristic, mildly-engendering thrash metal that lifts more weight due to the production than the riff quality itself. After listening to Submission for Liberty I can say without a doubt that they belonged on that tour.


They got a new one coming out soon. I can 4arm submission for liberty either way concerning his standard shouting, but he does pull out a decent performance when the emanation of the music calls for a shift in tone. However, it is the lack in variety that brings this album down a notch.

Hell, if the album cover and title didn’t tell you that, there’s really no hope for you. This band toured with acts such as Testament, Overkill, and Flotsam and Jetsam.

4arm submission for liberty If one can look past this simple fact, one will find an album practically exploding 4arm submission for liberty technical thrash that tips it’s hat to the old school in more ways than one.

Concerning the vocals, Danny Tomb is a decent singer, ‘While I Lie Awake’ surely wouldn’t have been the same with another voice, but on the other hand the lack of memorability in some songs is also due to his constrained screams ‘The Warning’ which, albeit negligible on the title-track, don’t feel actually enjoyable. Mister Twister April 13th Comments. Vafiotis is a really complete drummer, he can be really fast with both double bass and standard thrash beat, and he plays with enough variety even on the frequent slow parts, thanks to the massive presence of fills.

Lastly the bassist Andy Hinterreiter is practically buried by the mix of the aforementioned instruments, I guess that below the wall of sound created by the guitars there has to be a bass, but I can’t judge it. Submission for Liberty brings forth excellently written and technically proficient thrash metal for those willing to overlook the album’s lack of variation.

4ARM – Submission For Liberty Lyrics

Danny Tomb quit the band this year, so I can’t say I will be quite as invested in the potential followup. Site Copyright Sputnikmusic. It isn’t really what I expected from a percussive thrash act, but 4Arm actually excel on these two and should write more tunes in this mold. Mister Twister Ror 22nd Comments.


To the average reader, a name like 4arm may seem like a weird and out of place name for a thrash band, but it is unique and different, and for that they get points from this reviewer. Of course that’s not to say that there aren’t many redeeming qualities contained within this 49 minute, aggression fueled monster of an album, i’m merely stating that this album lacks variation 4arm submission for liberty the all out thrash that this band plays.

Tweet Recent reviews by this author. I would like to visit Australia someday.

However, the consistent quality thrash found here is more than enjoyable. I’ll say something even stronger: Actually saw them open for Slayer a few weeks back, show was decent but lacking in original band members for the main act.

A few riffs are really successful, and the solos are always melodic and with a shredding accent at times. Can’t say that I fully grasp the correlation between the band name and the subject matter, but 4Arm seem to be one of the current standouts in the modern Australian 4arm submission for liberty metal scene, right up there with Evile and Warbringer apropos of clinical, throwback-inclined procedures and beefy production values.