Archived from the original on Vishala pinak oba siyalu denama me karagatte. Me pina obata nirwana sampaththiya laga kara ganna hethu wasana wewa. Budu sarana wewa Koodagoda Germany. June 28, at August 3, at 6: A stupa in Pushkalavati , in northwestern Pakistan , marks where Syama fulfilled his filial duty to his blind parents.

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The commentary gives stories in prose that it claims provide the context for the verses, and it is these stories that are of interest to folklorists.

June 3, at 7: January 20, at jathhaka Pragna diyunu wee sathyawaboda kota uthum wuu nirwanaya awabodha karaganimata mema pina hethu wasana wewa!!

January 9, at Me pina obata nirwana sampaththiya laga kara ganna hethu wasana wewa. Buddhism for KidsBuddhist Heroes.

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Oba wahanseta bohoma pin…. Dhamma Danan Sabba Danan Jiinathi. At Sarvadattaan an incarnation sold himself for ransom to make offerings to a Brahmin. June 13, at 8: September 14, 550 jathaka katha 6: January 1, at 5: Oba wahansae wage aya nisa sasuna rakenu atha bohoma pin oba wahanseta oba wahenseta puluwan num piriwana poth wahanseth danne.


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Budu sarana wewa Koodagoda Germany. Thats our Lord Buddha s ever pure deshanawa. August 23, at 1: Mb keeyda…phone ekta download kara gannai one…. Cowell and others, originally published in six volumes by Cambridge University Press; reprinted in three volumes, Pali Text Society[22] Bristol. November 5, at 6: Sabba Danam Dhamma Dhanam Jinathi.

August 3, at 6: Bohoma Pin Lebewa …! In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Natha daruwa eya obata kala hakiy. April 15, at 8: Thawa thawath daham sith 550 jathaka katha diyanu kireemata heki wewa.

Research Grants Application Submission has been extended. There are also numerous translations of selections and individual stories from various languages.

Jataka tales

November 24, at 3: November 20, at 8: Sadhu … Sadhu … Obata bohoma pin. Alternative versions of some of the stories can be found in another book of the Pali Canon, jathaks Cariyapitakaand a number of individual stories can be found scattered around other books of the Canon.


The Mankiala stupa near Gujar Khan commemorates the spot where Prince Sattva sacrificed himself to feed baby tigers. September 11, at 4: June 11, at