Can you make this heroes like Tauren, Luna and Batrider.. Quoting BuffMePlz on 22nd March: For example, the script changelog said: BuffMePlz will not disappoint us. Try putting something like hades, poseidon Artemis I love this one: This is not easy.

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Try putting something like hades, poseidon Artemis I love this one: Wicked Sick As Again Rampage!!! Also happened to me and Ais. For example, the script changelog said: Get Updates via Email!

Dota Ai 6.67b Download

Dominating – Ultar kill! I can also make AI maps.

I’m sorry, I did not fix and let them stay. Heroes and items were updated from BuffMePlz’s 6.

Even though it might has bugs and such but you did a good job and ignore all those whiners This is not easy. The following 6.67 ai dota modes have been disabled for now: Whatever bugs you fixed here, you did well enough.


Things that are bugs: I wish insane “ai”s were a little better when it comes to team work, “ai”s are sometimes very dissapointing Their actions are so predictable especially when all of them pushes the mid lane. Many dpta cannot use all their skills and almost everyone use they skills very randomly.

None of the heroes need to be reworked guys stop complaining Try to charge a bot with barathrum it will kill him self and then he will be invurnerable wtf???? Quoting BuffMePlz on 22nd March: Found a bug where storm spirit randomly “Kills himslef” and when he respawns is totally invulnerable.

AI maps doesnt appear when i chose 1.

DotA b AI | Harreke DotA Allstars b AI Map Download | Dota-Utilities

This map has no new heroes but items and some balancing, so we hope that BuffMePlz releases the Artificial Intelligence version of 6. BuffMePlz will not disappoint us. Dont worry Harreke, we all support you AND can u make changelogs for anchient appparition,murlock buy item llike another ai.


Dota is a very very nice game Hello guys, i played just yesterday a match against some ai one of them was holy knight, and after 6.67 ai dota started making some kills when returning they were invulnerable.

DotA Utilities

I have played dota for too long. But this AI map is incomplete. After waiting for months, the moment has arrived. I hopely expect this in v6.

▷ Dota Ai b Download (Stable + Rev2d Ai Download)

Some years from now Philippine Colleges might make a course exclusively 6.7 DotA strategies. When I open 6. This page is created to provide you all the updates of Dota 6.