It would be faster to re-edit. I also learnt that, indeed, these were two very different applications, with different data structures and two very different design mindsets. Thanks for the coverage, but the company name is Intelligent Assistance. I figured it out! The earlier versions do not support enough features in the XML for the import to work.

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Well Apple is as close to unlimited resources as anything we know of. This extremely affordable application has given us something that Apple should have done in the first place – the ability to transfer an FCP7 timeline into 7tox.

You can find a full list of how the translation works at the Assisted Editing sitebut some highlights for me are:. Yes, we received it Andy. Translating from one to the other is difficult, 7tox part because the new app was designed without thought for backward compatibility, which is entirely reasonable.

The clips in the sequence will not accept transitions. In 7tox, the application provides clear, detailed reporting after every translation.

So, if no-one else was working on it, 7tox we sure would like to. Apple graciously gave us both their blessing and early access to the My 7tlx contains no Motion projects or freeze frames. It 7tox even work to recreate the project in the Project Manager.


One issue we just discovered surprisingly I know is that Apparently we 7fox still not got it perfect.

Does 7toX for Final Cut Pro X Actually Work?

Many of the 7tos files are not linked to the video — they were recorded separately. Speed changes may be an issue, but otherwise, no problem. You guys are rockstars! There was at 7tox one missed 7tox opportunity!

‎SendToX on the Mac App Store

For a complete list, see About SendToX. Thanks for making it happen and thanks for keeping the price at this very attractive level. I needed to open one of my 7tox projects and make ONE change and then render it out. What is a Change List? We knew from Xto7 for Final Cut Pro that translation was possible. Using Roles 7tpx report the original track numbers: You can easily view these markers in the Timeline 7toxx in Final Cut Pro X, and quickly jump to a specific marker to review any change in 7tox in the timeline.

You can easily view these markers in the Timeline Index in Final Cut Pro X, and quickly jump to a specific marker to review any change in context in the timeline. We have 7tox some 7tox in the last two days, 7toc more today as it gets exposed to even more example projects on top of the many dozens it was tested 7tox.


Does it work with Final Cut Express? I did find some 3rd party effects to accomplish this — but jeesh?? It would be most appreciated. 7tox then translated that into computer code.

Could you point me to where 7otx went 7tox I will keep an eye out for an update in the App Store. SendToX produces the highest fidelity translation of your Premiere Pro or other source app Project, including the following conversions:.

7toX for Final Cut Pro

7tox Share Share this answer: Well, we never know… Regards, Vincent Coste. I see that the clips were copied and I looked at those and it is the full clip.

It would simply be a matter of doing the conversion 7tox with the updated app.