You should see several lines of small white text appear within Aeon. Aeon is built to support, by default, a single monitor and Aeon consequently does not have controls for multiple monitors. RealPlayer Run the Aeon installer. When Aeon is running, right-click or control-click on the Aeon window. Aeon monitors the current frame rate and adjusts its system priority until the target frame rate is achieved.

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There are also several ways to wirelessly stream content to your TV. On Windows, there typically is aeon visualizer “stereo mix” audio source that allows the V-Bar to react to the sound produced by other applications on your visulaizer. How do Vjsualizer save Aeon screen shots to a specific folder? How do I adjust the reactivity of the visuals? What happens if SoundSpectrum shuts down?

If you are having a problem, please see the troubleshooting section. If Aeon enters fullscreen mode, it will maintain whatever display resolution mode the system’s display devices are already using.

Where does Aeon store aeon visualizer data? Whichever display device the Aeon window currently resides vidualizer is the device Aeon will attempt to use for full screen mode. How do I rename, clone, or otherwise edit Categories and Themes? Checking for updates is a separate and unrelated process where a SoundSpectrum product anonymously connects only while it is running to soundspectrum-updates.


New Aeon visualizer from SoundSpectrum enlivens iTunes

On Windows, can I visualize “stereo mix” audio? Aeon Standalone can select from any sound source available to your aeon visualizer. How do I uninstall Aeon? May I use a SoundSpectrum product on more than one computer at a time? Aeon Standalone visualizes any sound input source supported by your computer, including line-in audio, CD audio, and microphone input. Where do I find my license code?

SoundSpectrum — Aeon Download

The audio input sources listed are several “Sound Generator” modes which simulate a sound source followed by sources supplied by your hardware. The range of visual fantasy in Aeon includes meditative mandalas aeon visualizer motion, futuristic space-age imagery, organic naturalistic visions, and techno-visual phenomena. Please check the troubleshooting section.

Also see “Is Aeon hardware accelerated? Can Aeon run in full screen mode on my second monitor while I work on the first monitor? You will always be able to reinstall the version of Aeon you have already downloaded, using your license code.

If viisualizer wish to continue to have download access for new versions of Aeon after the first year, you may renew your license aeon visualizer for another year of download access.

In the unlikely event of a company shutdown, SoundSpectrum will enable automatic approval of all validation requests or provide other technical means allowing users to continue using our products. How do I update Aeon? If your computer is aeon visualizer connected to the Aeon visualizer or is blocked by security or firewall softwarethe installer will report an error and you will be unable to proceed with the installation visualuzer an Internet connection can be established.


You can visit our upgrade page to learn more about Aeon Gold and Aeon Platinum. Can the full screen Aeon window span multiple monitors? Tell a Friend About Aeon. This allows you to simply copy and paste this information into a SoundSpectrum support ticket, making it possible for SoundSpectrum to troubleshoot your problem.

Aeon Frequently Asked Questions

After purchasing your product you were sent an email containing your new license aeon visualizer and download instructions. If you’re unfamiliar with the location of the Aeon user data directory, see the FAQ item describing where it’s located.

Try Aeon The free trial of Aeon is easy to install and easy to use. To tag a full album at once, you can go to the library main page and select “Album” to get a list of all your albums. Aeon will look for a script named “Key X” and will attempt to run it.