Authentic now supports connecting to the latest version of the following databases: By employing these templates, enterprises that must conform to these standards can begin creating and editing structured XML content with little or no up-front development effort. Operating System Windows, bit Windows, bit. Scripts are created in the Scripting Editor in StyleVision and executed in Authentic, with full support for global declarations, event handlers, macros, and custom forms that are embedded directly into the Authentic form. Java application seamless integration — integrate Authentic functionality in custom Java applications for Windows. MobileTogether apps can easily be accessed in web browsers — but without the need for a plug-in. Authentic Scripts behave in the same way in all Altova products, so no product-specific code or settings are required.

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With Authentic enterprise forms, business users can query and create content using familiar conventions from existing business forms and office productivity applications, without being exposed to the underlying XML or relational database technology.

Altova authentic a fully functional, free 30 day trial of any Altova product now! Support for XML digital signatures — facilitate the secure exchange of documents among business users. Support for Eclipse 4. Flexible integration of external programs — add up to 10 external programs that be directly accessed inside Authentic.

What’s New in Authentic | Altova

You can expand or modify aythentic example to build more complex solutions using Authentic Browser. Support for additional database versions Support for Eclipse 4. Free Trial Evaluation Information. When Authentic Desktop is accessed via its COM interface altova authentic Programmers’ Reference to see how this can be donethe security check is not done and the Authentic Script Warning dialog is not displayed.


Altova Product Documentation & Help Files

Push sltova for browser plug-ins — simplified installation and improved IT altova authentic of user experience. Authentic now supports connecting to the latest version of the following databases: The performance of the system is incredible. For XML- and SQL-focused solution developers, Authentic is an enterprise-scale forms and workflow platform, qltova altova authentic comprehensive feature set and integration with other enterprise systems and resources.

New Features in Previous Versions. Note, however, that in the trusted version of Authentic Browser plug-in, internal scripting is turned off because of security concerns.

Authentic supports integration with Eclipse, and now support is available for the most recent versions of the Eclipse IDE. These designs can be created altova authentic edited in StyleVision Enterprise and Professional editions, and can be viewed in the Authentic View of the Enterprise and Professional editions of Altova products. By assigning scripts for user-defined actions macros to design elements, toolbar buttons, and context menu items. Forms, macros and event handlers are created within the Scripting Editor interface of StyleVision and these scripts are saved with the SPS.

Read more about converting Authentic Forms to MobileTogether apps. Authentic has long been available as a browser plug-in in addition to a desktop application.

New in Authentic 2019

This gives non-technical users the ability to create high quality structured content. SVG image formats Scripting editor supports. Learn about all the new features below and update to the latest version. To complement your Authentic installation, you may wish to download the additional free components available below. A PXF file embeds all the components and files required for editing in Authentic in a single altova authentic for convenient distribution.


Support for new database versions: Altova authentic Test property button tests a simple property. Organizations can choose between desktop and browser-based deployment options, based on what best fits their information architecture and Auhhentic infrastructure.

As the user works, the XML source is updated behind the scenes. Authentic Browser Plug-in Enterprise Untrusted.

Ability to add additional. The file altova authentic be displayed in Authentic View with scripts disabled. When an XML document based on the SPS is opened in an Altova product that supports Authentic Scripting see table abovethe document will have the additional flexibility and interactivity that has been created for it.

Its scripting support also allowed to us to integrate several enhanced features, like a document treeview that provides the user altova authentic a complete vision of the document and in navigating into its content comfortably. Enterprise Edition with advanced features — available as a desktop application or browser plug-in.

Helpful windows for project management, messages, entry helpers, and more guide users during the XML authoring process.