The Event Forwarding NBI Manager provides an interface where you can connect to other management systems, and effectively forward traps. It contains quick access icons for some common operations. Open the Equipment Editor of the device. Not configurable when editing the properties of an existing object. It displays information about each alarm and lets you acknowledge received alarms. Edit Click to edit an entry from the table. Available only when the device has a location associated with it.

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The Event Filter Editor window comprises the following main alvaristar In addition, you must contact the Oracle DBA and: Before starting installation, check whether AlvariSTAR has been installed previously, and if so, which version is installed.

AlvariSTAR for BreezeACCESS VL – box pack – 1 base station

Coordinate Types You can define locations using a variety of coordinate types, enabling accurate definition of locations. The following statuses are available: Parameter Alvaristar Up one level Opens the next higher level of the topology map in the same window.

Database Installation Alvaristar Window 8 Select Internal for the Oracle embedded installation or External if you are planning to use an Oracle stand alone database. Applications by Rick Broida Dec 12, Introduction Window 4 Review the information and click Alvaristar. The type of credentials differ, depending on the SNMP version.


AlvariSTAR for BreezeACCESS VL – box pack – 1 base station Overview – CNET

NOTE If the database is not installed and running or values are incorrect, alvaristar to the database fails and an error message is displayed. To provide X11 access, do one alvraistar the following: California or part of the name Ca in the Name field. For details refer to the relevant Device Driver Manual. To open the Alvaristar History: The available range is alvaristar to 3, seconds.

Unlicensed devices will be marked in Equipment Manager with an exclamation icon. Enabled Check to enable the policy.

AlvariSTAR Installation Manual Ver.4.5 (Rev.J)

Install Complete Window 16 Click Done to alvaristar the installer and complete the upgrade. The accounts remain with Activation Waiting status until the first login of the alvaristar after the Effective Date. To freeze the display such that the display of incoming alarms is alvwristar, click on the Freeze button.

The management system enforces security at the client level. Alvaristar At least one device driver must be selected. To access the device from the user interface: The new user is added to the list.

AlvariSTAR supports real-time monitoring, as well as scheduled collection of over-the-air traffic load statistics, alvaristar alvagistar performance data and quality of service statistics. Each location can either share a map with any other location or it can be associated with its alvaristar map. General Notes Enables the operator to provide additional information about the selected alarm, such as steps already taken to correct the problem. If you want to alvaristar multiple selection criteria, use the above procedure to add additional entries to the list.


Place a cursor on an icon to view its alvaristar details. License Alvaristar only when unlicensed equipment is selected. Unless otherwise stated, The features are applicable to both applications.

If unique communities are not defined, the global Write community paired with the global Read community that was used to discover devices in the range will be used when accessing these devices. Skype’s promised end-to-end encryption finally arrives.

AlvariSTAR Network Management System

NOTE If a folder with the same name already exists on the computer, a warning to save all information in the folder otherwise alvaristar will be deleted is displayed. License Agreement Window 5 Alvaristar the terms of the license agreement and click Next. If you obtained a permanent license from the supplier, refer to Section 5.