It literally combines the first three releases by the band and this is the result. Next up we have the vocals and lyrics. The name Arsis is a musical term used to refer to the upbeat or unaccented part of a measure. These are your past sins, we are the nightmare. Share your thoughts with other customers. Regardless, from the songs I have heard, the songs are of course technically proficient, but nothing completely amazing. Write your own review.

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We Are The Nightmare by ARSIS – info and shop at Nuclear Blast – Nuclear Blast

This is the best guitar work I have ever heard from James Malone and some of the best guitar work ever, period. Now as for arsis we are the nightmare music I must warn you, this album is technical! I know some people don’t like all the twiddling on the leads on this album Checking my backlog of reviews, it’s obvious that I am a huge Running Wild fan, so where do I get off saying that a band that doesn’t change has a problem?

Iv heard the album and would have givn it a strong 9. –

You cannot possibly review this album untill you’ve heard each song at least times. Every song consists mainly of blast beats and technical tapping riffs with very few spots that venture away from their established style.

Every emotion felt by the hightmare work is captured perfectly, and none is overpowering the other. This album is great arsis we are the nightmare me, I will be listening over and over, plus the bonus DVD is hilarious.

It had all the symptoms of a sophomore slump: Arsis used to be renowned for the heavy groove old drummer Mike Van Dyne created as well as some astonishingly intricate cymbal work. Songwriting is paramount and no matter how impressive the musicianship, the quartet never loses focus in that regard. It is catchier and sometimes it even sounds happy Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.


Arsis – We Are the Nightmare – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

It would be one thing if Obituary wrote a crisp clean old school death metal album, but this isn’t old school death metal, this isn’t supposed to be raw like that. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. However in this CD, those accusations are false.

It certainly can’t be because these bands think they actually sound good. This is WAY more controlled, executed slower and with more thought and inspiration.

Solos, sweeps, leads, harmonized arpeggios, hammer on’s and off’s, thrashy riffs, melodic death and black metal riffs, on and on and on, you name it, this guy can do it all and the reason his stuff stands out, is because it IS so darn catchy and thoughtout.

In fact this album would probably get some sort of score in the double digits had it not been for the drums thinking they were the lead fucking instrument; I wasn’t aware that keeping the beat with a mix of tasteful digressions had become something only the unpopular kids do. The whole album seems to be based of a certain principle that every individual track takes to heart.

Everything else is mainly a jumpy palm muted death metal riff that we’ve heard a bazillion times before arsis we are the nightmare perpetually unchanging drums. This is pretty much where the previously mentioned declination of song writing comes in. In a technical death metal album production is like one of the most important things, why even listen to it if arsis we are the nightmare gonna hear incomprehensible mix of instruments without understanding shit?


These are your past sins, we are the nightmare. Probably the biggest downside to this album is the bass is pretty tough to hear which sucks because that bro is a badass. Bring it down, tonight. Overall the sound of this album is pretty much Protest the Hero meets The Black Dahlia Murder, which is not a bad thing at all. These are our past sins, we are the nightmare.

arsie With a few lower growls provided by Cesca. In much the same way that Godwin’s Law must grace every single corner of the internet with it’s horrifyingly retarded presence, it seems that the majority of death metal bands are destined to suck as t tends to infinity of course.

You know it’s a trend nighmare every band playing the style starts to sound alike. When you don’t have to worry because this album surpasses A Celebration of Guilt in every possible way.

His voice stands out amongst the nightmaare bands of the genre. Image Unavailable Image not available for Color: Zeuss’ recording perfectly captures the depth and subtleties of the many intersecting lines of melody; riffs weave in and out with a grace and fluidity uncommon to such intense music.