Took away all my prior history and status. Game plays automatically and takes my coins. Vonca erevum haya sarke es ts ragire u qcox hay!!! After updating the app the only thing it does is only freezes, and crashes. It made me start with only coins Replay bug fixed 2.

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Bazar Blot Club Hack and Guide

With bazar blot Club you can: Just another way for people to cheat Once you pay, you loose game after game so no more chips left and there is no other way to bazar blot 2.1 chips but paying. Please, make this adjustment.

Keywords ranked 25 or better Keywords ranked between 25 and Not ranked in search results under this keyword. Not even worth 1 star.

Game set up a way to steal your money. If not you will loose your users as soon as a better app comes out. Reviews Most Recent 99 Most Helpful Vonca erevum haya sarke es ts ragire u qcox hay!!!

It freezes all the time and takes your money, no refund at all!!! Celebrate Fifa with us Tournament bug fixed. This game has the absolute worst set up.


David Haykazyan Bazar Blot – free download suggestions

I would give bazar blot 2.1 star if I had the option. Senc himar ap der chei tesel, laroxa knes helnes tenas poxert chka I gave this app too many chances and now it’s time to delete it. On the iOS the lay out is zoomed out, it’s way smaller the table and the cards as well. Management When the new developers took over the game and finally got rid of the stupid smiley faces, I almost got happy, because people were just using them to cheat in the game and hint blit partner of their cards.

They already robbed more than of my playing money. Really bad by Dzec! Will not recommend to anyone to download this app till its fixed.

Poxi kyalaka xagh chi. Bazar blot 2.1 duxov Chor chor koxumek dser xaxatsoghnerin amota. Overall, the only reason why you still have people who use the game is because you have a large armenian population, at home and abroad, who love the game and are looking for a good app to play it. Always crashes and you end up losing your buy in for that game.


And now they introduced their VIP crap and brought it back. Bazar blot 2.1 can play training games, but the online game doesn’t go through properly. Highly irresponsible and absolutely careless attitude from their support team. Instead of Durak, Nardi and Poker players most often prefer to play Blot. Ether fix your issues and refund players money I know I’m not the only one with this issue or delete this app forever.

The game pairs you with the worst players every time you get on a roll. Buy chips bug Game crashes Other minor bugs. Game crash bug fixed. I have been playing this game for a while. Make it enjoyable and watch it grow.