Information Corporation Original Mix. Be Here EP Ultravoice: Wonderland Ghost Rider 1. Motion Distortion EP Ultravoice: Science and Spirituality EP Domateck: Red Point Original Mix.

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Mysterious Ways Sesto Sento 1. Vladislav Krivoshein, Yedidia Yossef Ezra. Life Panic EP Cosmonet: Self Oscilation Ananda Shake Remix. Nirvana Space Buddha 1.

Acid Dreams EP Osher: Psychedelic Trance Original Mix Talamasca 1. Plastic Fantastic Bizzare Contact 1. Mantra Tantra EP Osher: This Is Only a Test. We Are Animals Original Mix.

MSD Bizzare Contact – Minori EP by Mainstage Records | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Laundry Room Original Mix. Artificial Entities EP Dynamic: Event Horizon EP Orca: Wonderland Ghost Rider 1. Out of Your Love Sesto Sento remix. Wise Cracks Vibe Tribe, Azax: So far, they have produced 4 albums and a large number of works for compilation releases, including remixes for other artists.


The Pattern EP Phanatic: Minogi Wheel of Time.

More by Bizzare Contact

Suspended Animation Original Mix. Hokuto Contcat Azax Syndrom 1. Retro Active EP Animalis: Like the other popular psytrance bands on the scene, they regularly perform at concerts in countries all over the world. Boom Ganja Mekkanikka 1. Rearranged Vibe Tribe 1. Super Heroes Original Mix. Science and Spirituality EP Domateck: Mantra Dose EP Dynamic: High Cue Electro Sun 1.

We Are Animals Battle of Mordor Crystal Sound Bizzare contact minori.

Bizzare Contact Minori EP. Getting Fused Silicon Sound Remix. Like a Little Noise.