If you are using BSAC tables, BSAC recommends you should not conduct more than three dives in one day, and that if you are diving deeper than 30m you should take a hour break after diving for four consecutive days. Stay Connected facebook twitter googleplus youtube. The use of tables and computers and mixing them is covered in the DTP- I taught just this last week and am teaching it to SD this week. Multideco and use it in the Dive Leader or Advanced Diver or some of the tech courses for advanced dive planning. I personally think that the examples given by the mighty Zom and Howard show quite strongly that the tables are not quite up to it any more, for deeper dives at least, when comparing them to more recently reviewed algorithms. When they were developed — I assume around — the Internet information revolution was the realm of science fiction. The time now is

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Are computer programs available for planning to BSAC 88? He’s more machine now than man.

BSAC 88 Decompression Tables

I don’t use them, because there isn’t a constant ppO2 version, but they have an excellent track record. What might be a better idea would be for BSAC to enter into an agreemeent with one of the dive planning apps e.


Training Learn to scuba dive New to scuba diving? Learn to dive New to scuba diving? For dives with long decomppression stops you should think about decompressing as a group on a trapeze or lazy shot. You should be able to stop quickly at any time. World class wreck diving. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. Scuba gear for UK diving. Bsac 88 decompression tables Tools Show Printable Version.

Running low or out of gas should not arise under normal diving conditions Gas consumption bsac 88 decompression tables when: Please also note that as a BSAC diver – you’re not mandated to use 88’s – you can choose something that is more conservative, just not less. Travelling – hills and mountains Living or diving at altitude Inland sites and bad weather Flying.

In this situation the diver is increasing tablez risk of decompression illness and merely placing a possible casualty in a hostile environment see Decompression illness. Helium, because I’m worth it. Try scuba diving with a club. Auth with social network: So am I being forced to use a decompression model that is unsafe?

Registration Forgot your password? Are BSAC going to continue with them?

BSAC Ocean Diver Training – ppt video online download

Safety Diving and Snorkelling Incidents In the event of a diving incident Reporting a diving incident When you should report a diving incident Why you should report a diving incident More This decimpression to me to be bsac 88 decompression tables rather parochial approach from BSAC.


Ascend too quickly and you will have an increased risk of decompression illness DCI. Altitude diving and flying Beware of diving at altitude, and of flying or travelling to altitude after diving.

How can it be safe for one person to use a different decompression model from his buddy when that would require different level stops, ergo separation. All times are GMT. However, if you plan to take advantage of this, you must start your ascent sooner.

If you find a club that insists you execute actual dives on 88s, find a different club.

File:Decompression table bsac – Wikimedia Commons

You should avoid vigorous exercise while decompressing, however light and gentle movement is encouraged. They are easy to use. Waterboarding recompression Guantanamo Bay sounded like a radical holiday opportunity until I looked it up.

I’m not a member of BSAC although I do keep pondering joining as access to the right club would be useful. Ocean Diver beginner course How much will learning to dive decomperssion