This was very useful. If you are a Bsnl broadband user then immediately assess the security of your internet connection and take appropriate steps to secure yourself. So now I am stuck with my mobile phone internet till the end of month. BSNL now lets you top-up your broadband on demand to increase speed whenever you feel necessary. Every day potential for IoT is growing as many wireless devices connected to each other through hotspots or another way. Then restarted the modem.

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Check your broadband usage on a regular basis and compare it with your own surfing schedules to check whether someone else has used it or not.

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What do I do?. If you download larger size file downloads in the beginning of month, and when you get slower speeds in middle of month after fup, you can use that option, we should welcome, no need to criticize BSNL for this, or upgrade to higher plan if you can afford.

It is straightforward to control the unknown devices and to enhance the high speed internet for your required wireless device. Venkat eswarlu October 8, 6: Your email address will not be published. What follows next is the modem administration panel.


In password version, background processing while retrieving pages from dataone site is shown. You need to restart your modem: Suyash November 6, 2: This mode is safer as the username password are on your pc and nothing is on the modem. Venkat eswarlu July 21, 1: Sree October 27, There is a high chance that you bsnl broadband usage finder 2.1 be able to bdoadband with that username and password.

Also there was no decline option. I know the login id and password of my own broad band connection but I want to use this connection from somewhere else through another connection modem, is it allow to connect me from my own connection.

PS June 8, There is no need to login or register for the BSNL portal, check data usage of your broadband connection on your mobile screen itself. Is it associated with the IP assigned or with the user ID.? The output of nmap command is piped to the grep command to look for those lines which have the bsnl broadband usage finder 2.1 “open” in them.

Check BSNL Usage of your Broadband Data in Mobile, It’s Easy Now

Venkat eswarlu August 29, 3: Gayathri September 26, 6: Venkat eswarlu February 15, 6: Venkat eswarlu Bsnl broadband usage finder 2.1 17, 7: A box will popup asking for username and password. BSNL now lets you top-up your broadband on demand to increase speed whenever you feel necessary. Harsharan July 31, But this is definite improvement in speed and some users rinder longer need to topup if post fup speed is 1MBPS I feel.


Aashutosh Jalandhar Patil July 21, I was using broad band and it showed me u have crossed the plan limit, now u can use pre fup data for free so click happy browsing and there was no option to cancel that add so I clicked happy browsingnow I want to clear if I brroadband be charged or not?

If you are already aware of this process, just ignore. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. ussage

Venkat eswarlu July 15, No need to have MS Office installed to display chart. Venkat eswarlu June 8, Ajesh M January 12,