Check which changes, if any, make sense for your data model, before you upgrade it. The information contained herein may be changed without prior notice. That is, you can determine the differences between the active and delivered version and then merge the objects. Currency Translation in the Update Rules During the data transfer, currencies can be translated to the target key figure in the data target. To structure and visualize all necessary company information to safeguard a company’s strategic and operational advantages over other companies.

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When you make changes to a data model or when you enhance the staging scenarios, bw330 is no longer bd330 necessary bw330 access the source system. In the case of a “manual merge”, you must decide whether the attribute of a property is to be retained from the active version of whether the attribute is to be transferred from the delivery version.

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Which objects participate in the data flow? The relationship between all bw330 the above will gradually become apparent in this course.

DataSource Nw330 Bw330 1. Therefore, you must manually merge the versions. You must only transfer an object into your correction order if you have modified this object. Enhanced Table View Figure Therefore, the decision to locate a characteristic in either the dimension bw330 of a BasicCube or in the master data attribute table is made based on the following factors: Customers have the option to use a special namespace for customer content development.


This facilitates calculations in queries.

Check types can be grouped together by assigning identical bw330 names to each check type. Each subtree hierarchy has to bw330 the same technical name as the target hierarchy. Developing own customer content To deliver the customer content that you have developed, proceed as follows: A DataStore object contains key fields for example, bw330 number, document item and data fields that can also contain character fields for example, order status, customer in addition to key figures.

To do this, look at the list of characteristics and key figures for the InfoCube.

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These are words and characters that you enter in the system exactly as bw330 appear in the documentation. Instead, aggregation of the key figure can be defined as exception aggregation. Overview of BI Content Granularity is the fundamental determinant of how far you can drill down the data.

You can also load bw330 results of the check programs into other BI systems. There are different conversion options. This InfoSource delivers the bw330 of delivery, installations and their consumption factors, which were selected as part of the settlement run. Objectives I Figure Reference Characteristics Figure Complete the table model by placing checkmarks in the relevant characteristic columns for each key figure. bw30


SAP BW Modeling & Implementation

This will be the basis for the data model. In the “Collected Objects” screen area, the system shows the object s you bw330 selected and all of their dependent objects. Bw330 you choose the object type Query.

You should now check whether this query, which provides you with an overview of the bw330 important key figures in sales and distribution, already exists in the system. Navigation to the Data Warehousing Workbench and bw330 BI Content selecting the objects, making the relevant transfer settings, and starting the installation. bw330

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Which data is saved in the data flow? Attribute Tables for a Bw330 Naming conventions in the attribute table: It may be very helpful.

There are now five basic modeling options for data modeling: There bw330 be a corporate consensus or at least a majority of b3w30 that there is a problem in the company.