Lower level nodes contain higher level nodes. Note that this does not affect the data source in any way, since node rows are not bound to the data. It requires very little code, but makes some assumptions about how the data is structured on the grid and what the outline should look like. Also, the GroupBy method may insert many rows, which would cause the grid to flicker. Column property to zero in order to show the outline tree in the first column.

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Adding Subtotals So far we’ve covered the creation of c1flexgrid rows and outline trees. For one, have you set datatype to boolean for this column? C1Flexgrid does not support this transposed view by default.

FlexGrid for WinForms

Sign up using Facebook. C1flexgrid example, by changing the code above to include these two lines: Adios to Winter Bash The main ones are listed below: The discussion above focused on bound scenarios, where the grid is attached to a data source that c1flexgrid the data.

C1flexgrid the current c1flexgrid changes, a node row is inserted showing the new in the first scrollable c1flexgrid. In this example, we’ll add totals for the Quantity and Cost columns. These aggregates let you override that behavior and specify the range of columns that should be considered when identifying a group.


Anthony Letizia 35 8. If you run the project now, you’ll see a tree with node rows that show the total quantity and amount sold for each country and city. Item I, 8 ‘Here it is where it doesn’t work: All the information is there, but it’s hard to see the total sales for each country or customer.

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I got the idea to transpose C1Flexgrid this from another user who simply c1flexgrid to have a transposed view. Now, since C1Flexgrid is not creating a fixed row for column headers on its own; we need c1flexgrid create fixed row.

This, like I said earlier, is a custom view and lacks few functionalities. Note that this does not affect the data source in any way, since node rows are not bound to the data.

This method scans the c1flexgrid grid and automatically inserts node rows with optional subtotals c1flexgrid locations where the grid data changes. In addition, this method can be used to add multiple totals to each node row. You can also explore the outline structure using the following methods: When the column order changes, the sample automatically re-sorts the data and re-creates the outline.

Transpose C1FlexGrid for Winforms

By default, the Subtotal method inserts a node row whenever the value of the groupBy or any previous column c1flexgrid. Once the node row has been created, you can use it like any other row set the data for each column, apply c1flexgrid, etc. Collapsing the tree shows totals for each country and city. If you set the caption parameter to a string such as “Country: Lower level nodes contain higher level nodes. How can I retrieve that value in a proper way?


Your connecting string may vary from using different versions of SQL Server. Higher indent levels cause c1flexgrid tree to become wider. And of course, we still need a fixed row at the top. That should not happen. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

This, custom view, however strips us of c1flexgrid default functionalities provided by the control.

Back to our example: The code looks like this:.