It contains only a few brief scenes of violence and gunplay, relying more on a subtly crafted story that could better be characterized as comedic in nature. General Comment French has always been my favourite language. Four days later, about to perish, he stumbles upon a muddy pit. Confronted with sandstorms and other desert elements, Cable bargains with God. They claim that the film proves Peckinpah’s ability to make unconventional and original work without resorting to explicit violence. The Ballad of Cable Hogue Theatrical release poster. Films directed by Sam Peckinpah.

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Log in now to tell dable what you think this song means. When they do, Cable outwits them, by throwing rattlesnakes into the pit they have dug.

It’s still an enjoyable song though, and, even though I typically dislike Westerns, it was still a good movie. It contains only a few brief scenes of violence and gunplay, relying more on a subtly crafted story that could better be characterized as comedic in nature. A coyote wanders into the abandoned Cable Springs. Cable faces the mockery of everyone he tells baolad his discovery.

Back at the spring, Cable and Joshua get to ballzd, dubbing the claim Cable Springs.

Calexico – Ballad of Cable Hogue Lyrics | SongMeanings

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cable’s first paying customer is the Rev. Je ne me noierai pas dans ce dasert mystique Je ferme mes comptes et je repars Love is passa and love is obsolete Some spend their whole lives searching for a heart of gold I’m tired of treading water in this desert mystique I’m cashing in my chips before I ride Do me a favor while I’m hanging here Take this gold and go and hide don’t twist too hard darlin’ on your hangin’ rope Don’t worry I’ll be free in no time She promised me she would be there when I’d return She didn’t say she’d have a whole army there as well She whispered, “j’taime calexico ballad of cable hogue as she fired that gun at me it’s getting late and I’m running out of time I should’ve stayed way out yonder Better off with the scorpions and snakes Every act which has no heart will be found out in the end Guess I’m a little late this time Cause her love would be the death of mine Mine, all mine Edit Lyrics Edit Wiki Add Video.


This calexico ballad of cable hogue was last edited on 27 Decemberat The car runs over him as he pushes Bowen out of the way. Retrieved from ” https: When they surrender, he orders them to strip to their underwear to venture into the desert, just as he had been forced to do.

BALLAD OF CABLE HOGUE CHORDS by Calexico feat. Marianne Dissard @

Hildy arrives at Cable Springs having been “asked” to leave by the modernizing townfolk, who can no longer abide open prostitution in their midst. Calexico — Ballad of Cable Hogue. Lyrics submitted by leyyyla. Sam Peckinpah followed his violent, critically cahle film The Wild Bunch with this mostly non-violent Western.


SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. I like the french version therefore more. The production was plagued by poor weather, Peckinpah’s renewed alcohol consumption and his brusque firing of 36 crew members.

John Crawford Edmund Penney. She chases him out of the saloon in a sequence that wreaks havoc on the town. General Comment French has always been my favourite language. This one does stop and Hildy emerges, opulently dressed. Films directed by Sam Peckinpah.


He digs and calexico ballad of cable hogue an abundant supply of water. They are grieving not only the death of the man but the era he represents. Then one day, Taggart and Bowen arrive on the stagecoach. Log in cwble add a tag.

Over the years, Peckinpah cited the film as a favorite. Cavle, who arrives by a black motorcycle with a sidecargives a eulogy for Cable as he dies. The stagecoach and motorcar drive off in opposite directions. The female lead in the movie is not French, nor does she enact some sort of revenge against the title character. Joshua decides that he must return to town.