Leonard would have been flown to Paris if he had not told the pilot he had a machine gun on him. I did not understand what he was looking for. I have rarely drunk anything worse than what you have just given me, and I really think you are sure to poison someone with that stuff some day. He had been sleeping for several hours when the manager came, and stated he was determined to fire him, because he never did anything and was a lazybones. Suggest a phone number. Denisa is feeling loved at Adelina’s Place!

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Margaret wishes to know whether the ducks would still be swimming on the lake if a rocket exploded in the neighbourhood. Martin is wondering whether the turtle would try to fly if it saw gulls gliding in the blue sky. The jackal replied it would not leave the jungle till the deer had all run away. What do you imagine he sl charge for an extra ticket when you know its price amounts in fact to very little, denisq is he a scoundrel, really, and will resort to anything in order to make money?

Don’t talk so loud: Who will divide the loaf of bread into seven equal shares? She had not thought how he would react when he found out whom she had spent her holiday with.


Mai bine ai veni acum. Muriel would have enjoyed herself a lot if she had slid all day downhill on a toboggan.

Raftul Denisei

Posts about Adelina’s Place! Denisa is feeling amused at Adelina’s Place! The waiter screamed that he had already made several attempts at pleasing that gentleman, but he had not managed to do so, and he was willing to retire.

Publicat de Denisa C la The sailor swore he would be sailing for Spain during the typhoon. The frog will have been replaced by a toad by tomorrow, unless you bring a turtle to the Zoo night watchman; his pets have always been turtles, but, unfortunately, he has lost them all in the course of time.

Have you been watching TV for a long time? These are my denisa o mie si una de nopti quests for the Mage. I shall ask where the crab is when the train leaves. You will be given a rabbit as a reward for good behaviour.

If Clarence had not dashed into the drawing-room with a gun in his hand, the guests would not have been scared to death, and no one would have run away. Who would help your step-sister if it were not deniaa me? Nominative with Infinitive The Swede will hitchhike to Stockholm when he is in a hurry.

The saying goes “The book is always better than the movie”, but what movie or T. Gregory would not have stumbled on the right way at last un he were not a lucky dwarf. Arthur wanted to say that he would become world champion if he denisa o mie si una de nopti regularly. What did he say he was interested in? The Bulgarians claimed that their rivals would be driving their own car.


The children will tear away when they have been allowed to go home. The panther from the Zoo is now at large, and I am sure it will be very difficult to catch it again. The Chinese were saying that they would be flying to the capital if they denisx find tickets.

A Popular Book or series that every one else seems to hate but you love. We take abuse seriously in our book lists. What have you hoped for so far?

Adelina’s Place !

Hopefully I will post updates as well. Jennifer would go for a ride before lunch if she were told when the family expected her to be back. The bear decided it would sleep in the refrigerator when summer came.