I wish Bollywood makes more movies like this one. Dhuaan is the quintessential song from movie D Day, the song is in voice of a host of singers like Rahul Ram, Siddharth Mahadevan, Elyssa Mendonsa and others. Raina, Nissar Khan and Sandeep Kulkarni act well in their supporting acts but Rajpal Yadav was a wrong choice to begin the film as a singer. The climax is the sequence I have been waiting for since long to watch in a movie and that is the single why, why I rate it 6. He walks with a well build stature reflecting his army officer persona wherever he goes. Huma qureshi’s performance is great as usual. To be fair, there is indeed much going for D-Day.

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By Mansi views. Raina, Nissar Khan and Sandeep Kulkarni act well in their supporting acts but Rajpal Yadav was a wrong choice to begin the film as a singer. The story is simple, the struggle between personal and professional commitments is captured well.

The final moments of the film keep you guessing and then it offers a surprising twist leading to a largely satisfying end of a gripping film. However, the plan gets botched up and these four agents are dhuaan d day the run. Thanks to director and dialogue writer for that.

Dhuaan is the quintessential “closing song”.

Dhuaan Lyrics – D Day

The genre itself has rarely been dhuaan d day in a genuine manner. Top rated indian thriller movies. Here’s to Spreading Love, Cheer and Happiness the coming year. Another West Indies player chris gayle is also going to be on the show soon. Everything is going right according to plan till the D-Day when something goes horribly wrong. Shreeswara,playing Irrfan’s wife is quite a revelation!



Dhuaan Lyrics – D Day

Screenplay is mixture of good and below average scenes. Initially their abduction plan does not succeed and are forced to shift gears to stay alive and fight for survival as the Indian Government is intent on killing them. When the plot turns into action sequences, the screenplay tries hard to spoil it, but it sure seems made-up dhuaan d day the end to bring about a thrilling effect. With some raw and gritty action sequences,stirring some facts with fiction, he not only sets the perfect x for a nail-biting thriller but also laces them with intense emotional interludes.

A movie which deserves a watch. It explores their journey, their choices, dag loss, their victory.

But “Irfan Khan” and “Rishi Kapoor” are just above the brilliant. Sadly, bollywood produces dhkaan a few masterpieces in a decade and this is surely one. It shuttles between a bandish and a qawwali, and there are wonderful juxtapositions with the guitars. They aren’t all black.

Na raha kaheen yaadon ka karwan Biq chuka yun hi hone ka har nishan Kyun bhooli inhe zameen Kyun bhoola yeh aasman Na jaane yeh kho gaye kahan. Its a blend of all in one. As well as a being a thriller the film does succeed in conveying a message and tries to paint a grim picture of high authority and intelligent authorities in today’s times. It deserves a watch!! Its a must watch if you want dhuaah see the transition of bollywood The dhuaan d day is not just mere hyped action film but also involves a romantic angle between Rudra and Dhuaan d day Shruti Hasaana prostitute in Karachi’s red light district.


Very nice use of songs in Background score. There is some gripping screenplay, nicely sketched characters, a purpose and above all solid acting by three male actors; Always reliable Irrfan Khan, evolving Arjun Rampal and champion of his second innings Rishi Kapoor.

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Verdict D-Day is fast paced action packed with emotional sub tones to it. By Bollywood Crazies views. That’s why I can easily tell this is a much better movie than “Ek Tha Tiger” which was just a fairytale. Then this film struck like a fresh chuaan, eyes wide opened, and glued to my seat I watched and enjoyed every moment in the awe as the scenes unfold. Arjun Rampal,with his dhuaan d day looks and menacing physique is outstanding.