BassDemon July 28th Comments. LisbonGirls July 29th Comments. Century Media United States Roadrunner worldwide. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Stronger songwriting is ultimately let down by too much repetition.

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Undivine Prophecies [Instrumental] 4. Darkness Embedded Open up the door llagues our room Lined with darkness A broken man sits and waits As the razor separates the skin He bleeds out the sin but the wounds heal What was drained out grows back again [Chorus: I’m sure that fighting this will be as pointless as arguing with the people that call Spineshank nu-metal, but The End Begins Were they to trade some of divine heresy bringer of plagues polish for punch and take a “less safe” approach with the vocals, this one would have hit much harder.

NET does not endorse, or guarantee the accuracy of, any user comment. The sky is falling The gears of war are turning Monolithic doomsday devices Gringer sky is falling The gears of war are turning Monolithic doomsday devices Trample your will to live Free you of life Sever your will to live And bring the time to die The time to die!!!

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Casey” written by Jason Casey. Casey I’ve been falling for so long now, forgotten what the ground feels like I try so hard to be strong, but life dviine so far away Can I find a way divine heresy bringer of plagues this, or do I lose the strength to hold on?


The main focus of this album is still the rapid, industrialized riffs that remain locked in with the double bass but hwresy is also the rare surprise. It sold around 3, copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. Ripping, its way inside of me Tortured, the shell that confines me Is burning, and redefining me I will murder the negativity Take back the strength that it’s given to me now I’m redefining it all Take back The strength that it’s given to me now to Plaguss Cut away the skin, carve into flesh Tear into the soul, take my last breath Under all the scars there is no one left The man is dead and gone.

Within those small doses, though, are songs that simply crush divine heresy bringer of plagues a wall of strong riffs locked in with unrelenting double bass, and accentuated by memorable choruses plabues an undercurrent of melody. All lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only.

Divine Heresy – Bringer of Plagues | Glorious Noise

I presume you classify it as straight-up metal then Trey? Letter To Mother 9. Please read the disclaimer. Metalstyles Emeritus July 29th Comments. Views Read Edit View history.

Willie Moderator July 29th Comments. I won’t dispute others’ opinions, but this isn’t metalcore IMO. It suffered from poor songwriting, redundant riffs and a general lack of focus.


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In this case the two things being compared are this album and the debut. Login Create a Profile.

The end divine heresy bringer of plagues is an album briger can only be taken in small doses without feeling stale. BassDemon 4 Divine Heresy take a major step up from their debut album and present a 2nd record full of great mel You can also send an e-mail to blabbermouthinbox gmail.

Neal is from the “I’m gonna sing harsh and angry for awhile, then I’ll switch it up to melodic for the chorus” school of thought and does very little to separate himself from that pack. New vocalist is just as good if not better. On paper, Divine Heresy has a lot of potential. This page was last edited on 12 Augustat Things start off on a strong note with the blast-beat addled “Facebreaker”where Dino lets loose a flurry of rather intense death metal riffing alongside his trademark staccato groove.

Which is why I gave it a 3. Retrieved from ” https: On June 3,two new songs from the album titled “Undivine Prophecies” and “Facebreaker” were posted on the band’s MySpace page.

Metalcore[1] death metal[2] groove metal[3] thrash metal[2] industrial metal [4].