Anonymous May 3, at 1: Anonymous January 17, at 3: Anonymous April 28, at 9: Anonymous October 24, at 9: I think its very disrespectful and awful to rename everything to Chinese shit. Anonymous October 17, at 3: Anonymous April 5, at 9:

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[Map] DotA b AI Fun vc Map Download

Anonymus January 2, at Anonymous August 13, at 8: I wanna try something new. Anonymous January 4, at NYK February 10, at 9: Anonymous March 27, at 5: Because this version is created by a chinese dkta, some tooltips and skill infos are missing, will be fixed in a translated updated version. Top Posts DotA 6.

EMO October 26, at 9: Ezar October 22, at 1: It’s still their choice of whether they’d wanna do those maps for u. I want to see in 6. Anonymous March 31, at 9: Anonymous September 28, at 6: Anonymous November 22, at 4: Make Your Own AI.


Anonymous November 30, at 7: Anonymous January 15, at 2: Anonymous May 3, at 1: I had wait for months. Tfulache May 3, at Anonymous November 6, at 1: Anonymous December 12, at 9: Anonymous December 19, at 5: Man there is no Dota v6.

Dota AI Map | The Official Dota-Allstars AI Map Archive – DotA-Blog

Let me give you an opinion, when you do IceFrog another map to give an”updated”in the graph to add anything on it, put other monsters to win xp, I think that also could have a map that was based on a human vs orc base thanks for listening.

Anonymous August 19, at 3: And what does ‘kudos bro kudos’ mean? Anonymous December 30, at 7: Anonymous November dota 6.69 ai plus map, at 7: BugFinder March 30, at 5: What still haven’t released yet oh boy I think this Harekke guy is a slowpoke I mean it’s so long to make the damn ai map why are you so slow???


Anonymous May 25, at Anonymous November 6, at 4: Anonymous April 14, at 8: Anonymous June 29, at Benjamin April 27, at