Minor tweak to various hero AI. Fixed several bugs in laning and teleporting. Tweaked the item caching, now completely support Syllabear. Tweaked Yurnero’s Healing Ward, its AI now only a single line without trigger, it’ll consistently follow the hero. Human KotL auto-using Recall. Added -cneu same function as -cneut

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Minor tweak to Luna’s AI. Before, -swap was disabled when first creep wave spawned and human player could swap with AI already bought items. What is AI 1.

Dota imba ai 3.80 english version

Fixed bug with Overpower. AI defense not ended for longer time than expected. Fixed bug on multi-triggered Storm’s Overload. Windrunner group lost bug removed. AI Buy routine tweak: Venge’s Nether Swap targetting creeps Fixed: Units within the AoE of the path’s end will be stunned for 0.

After the routines, most of the dota imba 3.80 the items are returned. About Me Chandra Sekhar. New skillbuild for DK.


Minor tweak to various hero AI. Also a minor fix to the official code Priestess of the Moon – Elune’s Arrow now has a slightly ima movement speed. Fixed major but rare bug with ganking. AI TP doesn’t cooldown properly. Added “report missed hero” system.

Each buff has two effects: Tauren now use ability to join with idle spirit. Magnus’ not using Reverse.

Dota imba ai english version

Unless a unit has equal or more gold than you do, it cannot kill you. To get different variety of rare items, just kill roshan dlta and wait for him to respawn and he might “sell” different items from the previous ones.

Little improvement on Shadowfiend’s Shadow Raze Undid all fake abilities, dota imba 3.80 base order instead. Lowered defense threshold for low-level towers. Minor tweak to laning system.

DotA Imba 3.80d EN

Tauren skills tweaked Minor tweak to AI pings, now resembles humans’. Fixed the following AI: Disable with command -aimsg during the game.


No -ld in it, but reaction time 0. Added aiAbilities system, which is a predefined integers saved in hashtable for use with abilities cooldown, manacost, range, and AoE I am not responsible for dota imba 3.80 kind of malfunctioning of program. Fixed AI not going solo. Lone Druid not using Rabid and some bug in Battlecry usage. Each player can only have one of these active.