Yeah I’m not sure what the Rage nerf is going to do.. Small tweaks to all of the stronger heroes. Are you daamn stupid? The range was pretty good, so you could charge it up from fog. Please rework trueshot aura or marksmanship.

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I always felt that naix was practically untouched by the nerfs, 6.7 slow is a bit more dota latest map 6.78 to land but nothing has lost its power in the laning phase if he has someone with a set up CC slow or disable for him to close the gap, chasing a bit harder but really cant deal with a phase drums life stealer with rage up sticking to you.

No one should struggling to click H when you get ruptured although they do very often obviously. I want a new hero the earth type of SS of pandaren.

You just have to wait for the right moment and seize the opportunity.

Dota 6.78c Download

It nerfs him without completely breaking him, though. Latsst was fun to watch and took skill to play. And use deafining blast and chaos meteor combination, use refreasher orb and use meteor and blast twice. Although, I fully agree he needs to be nerfed: Either way, I felt that the living armour skill was too strong early on.

So they still haven’t nerfed Ursa in Dota 1, but he was already nerfed in Dota 2? Traxex shall have active ability giving her damage for a limited amount of time.


He still has the 6s duration to absolutely wreck people.

That’s important because right now if they get decent farm on a decent team they’re almost unkillable. Lycan and broodmother are better at splitpushing, which is actually what living armor is good against because you can just fend them off then heal the tower Razer can lane against a living armor hero because his passive can purge it.

Think of it as him being in danger to a range hero for units was before he can fight back. And maybe a strength Kodo Rider.


Nothing to complain about really. Does dota latest map 6.78 in itself mean that he’s overpowered? If he fucks with Napalm, he may as well completely remake the hero. Tauren – slight increase in Nature’s Order AOE Wisp – buff in his base strength and strength gain plus 1 starting armor Huskar – dlta on his agility Bristleback – needs some serious buff Doom – slight nerf on Doom duration Abaddon – slight increase on Borrowed time Balanar – nerf on his strength.

It throws of granita or of stone: Thank you for reading myself.

Alienware cup, Zenith vs. Here’s what I actually predicted a couple weeks back. Submit a new link. Here’s an example of one instance where it was OP in the professional scene. Because the idea behind Morphling is awesome.

This is how they could possibly become viable! Create more items that interact with hero skills like aghanims scepter. So overall a nice update, even if it’s sad for those of us that play those heroes.


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Imo the only issue with Leech seed now is cast range and mana cost. His ult is really spammable for what it does, and is great for locking down a team and allowing re positioning. This is true for ANY teamfight, and it’s an essential skill if you want to play dota effectively.

The only issue imo is that Nature’s Guise is too weak in the early game, either change it or rebalance it dota latest map 6.78 be better at lower levels because he can’t afford to max it first.

Shot a mortar bomb that explodes at impact causing fire the ground for a moment. People should just shutup and be a little unique and think outside the box instead of picking Lifestealer or Puck every game and then crying when they can’t dive a hero 2 minutes in because Living Armor ruined their gank.

Born to mages, raised by mages.