The later one has a shortened version identical to the one usually played by radio stations. The cover shown lists a few featured songs in the bottom right corner. Bob J , Dec 19, Well, since the 11th track is present also in European releases, the licensing issue seems most likely now. You’re among friends here.

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Where Superior meets Huron. Anyone know the story?

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And You Know That 7. Nothing to be embarrassed about. KeithHNov 30, I’m guessing that the uncredited vocalist has something to do with the removal of that track. There is also a version that features a different track order while including a bonus track “And You Know That” with an duotoes vocalist.

Questions about Kenny G Duotones on CD | Steve Hoffman Music Forums

It would appear that, inthe LP was released with 10 tracks in the order shown in the second list, while also inthe CD was released with 11 tracks in the order shown in the first list. I did a quick Google search and found only this on Wikipedia: Maybe this one slipped through to the US market before somebody caught it. Orion XXVNov 30, Here duotones kenny g the track list on the reissue: The reissue on amazon.


Three Of A Kind So, ARCD does not always mean 11 tracks.

Steve Hoffman Music Forums. My copy duotones kenny g the full-length “What Does it Take” and the bonus track. Log in or Sign up. The cover shown lists a few djotones songs in the bottom right corner. Not just a remix — some of G’s fills were completely different takes. KeithHFeb 9, Yes, my password is: Don’t Make Me Wait for Love 4.

Duotones by Kenny G on Spotify

The later one has a shortened version identical to the one usually played by radio stations. You know the “I’m a collector” thing has gotten out of hand when you need to bump your question about Kenny G twice within the same morning. The Elephant Man likes this.

Three of a Kind 9. Once walked out of a Fry’s Electronics to the parkin’ lot to hear a guy just cranking the Kenny G in his car as he drove by. This album was a big seller. I don’t recognize the uncredited singer’s voice but maybe he is the reason for having the track taken off the CD later on.


Winopener’s possible explanation for that extra track being removed later makes total sense to me. You must log in or sign up to reply here. I found pictures of the original LP via Google, and the track list and order also match the second list.

PlanbeeNov 30, Do you already have an account? Duotones kenny g Make Me Believe 9. Japanese issues most often have an additional track or two compared to the US release.