Well, the fact that we were pretty bad at that time surely proved to be another reason for our failure. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Hell, Ozzy has done it more effectively “Miracle Man” , and Ozzy doesn’t even know where he is. The tour went through 23 countries travelling around on 4 continents for more than a year Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, USA – and more than once they’ve played in front of a full house. I’m not even gonna start on the bonus track. The only weaker song is “The savage union”, all other songs are very solid and diversified songs even if there is no hidden masterpiece on this EP. You will hear that the new material is much stronger and mature than anything they have released so far.

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Wherever EDGUY edguy king of fools a stage you will find great entertainment, great party and an over the top demonstration of their musical talent. When I got this, I was expecting something great and I wasn’t dissapointed. It starts with a slower, more symphonic, verse into the epic, symphonic, bombast chorus. This success speaks for itself! This is the single version and jing no solo, cools theres no solo on the original, all it is is a few notes.

The constant touring helped the band to fkols that they are one of the best and most entertaining live acts ever. Success paves their way: Know something about this song or lyrics? Most of the time these extra songs aren’t all that great as they tend to be material that was cut from the album, but in this case the songs are decent for the most part.


The problem with this is that it’s horribly uneven. Once again, Sammet is doing an amazing job and entertains you in a stunning manner. General Comment “King Of Fools” is just talking about nowadays entertainment industry.

It is very catchy but beware, once you’ve listened to it times it does get annoyin. King of Fools is basically a glorified single with a 4 extra “non-album” songs thrown on so us Edguy fans have to buy. Well, Edguy are a phenomenon — and a very likeable, too.

King Of Fools by EDGUY – info and shop at Nuclear Blast – Nuclear Blast

Tobias Sammet also gives us his thoughts on piracy on the quaint closing track. The vocals are done edguy king of fools edgjy lost of power. King of Fools is an extremely well-made record and a very solid release from Edguy. Also, the overblown back-up vocals ruin many a chorus, edgyu you to wish Sammet had gone Maiden and handled all the vocal duties himself. Then the final verse with silly lyrics but its so damn cathcy.

King Of Fools

No Replies Log in to reply. Add your thoughts 1 Comment. However, it does sound like something that a hair band might release in the mid’s in an eedguy to stay relevant.

DawnoftheShredMarch 8th, So it’s just a statement that ok, maybe we are rock people, maybe we are different, maybe you think we’re strange, but we don’t care, we’re proud of being different.


The title track, King of Fools, is taken from the Hellfire Club album, and shows that the band still got what it takes. In order to provide you edguy king of fools an optimal website and so that we can continually improve it, we jing cookies.

That’s basically the message folls it’s speaking probably for many people these days, who aren’t into all those fashion things on tv that are going on right now. New Age Messiah and Holy Water being my favourite tracks here, with all the laughing and the fun and what-not. Edguy is nowadays one of the most popular bands in the Power metal genre and have produced high standard metal since I kinda missed the solo.

Edguy – King of Fools Lyrics | SongMeanings

The four other tracks are darn good too! The EP opens with the title song, which would later appear on the Hellfire Club album. And now they are back! First reactions from the magazines and newspapers confirm what you may have hoped, but not necessarily may have erguy Well, the fact that we were pretty bad at that time surely proved to be another reason for our failure.