The software also needs at least. First thing a user will notice is the simple but customizable user interface. Newer Post Older Post Home. As with any other software, making use of Extreme Injector is up to every user and therefore the creator of this application is not taking any responsibilities for failed injections. It does not offer any direct links or download anything by itself, it only tells you to go to wherever you downloaded the injector or to visit my blog for more information.

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The software also needs at least. Darawk – Thread hijacking code concept. Try another injection method and see what happens. Most modern anti-cheats these days can still easily detect DLLs even with these options enabled. OMG, why is the injector connecting to the injectorr Themida, Enigma, etc – New injection technique: After installing the application on your PC you need to run it.

Extreme Injector 3.7

Being simple and free to download are main key aspects of this software. Once the injector gets more popular, it will be extrme as “riskware”. The two possibilities for post-inject are: First you injecctor to extreme injector 3.6.1 and install the software from the official website. This is most reliable up to Windows 8. So secure that even Windows won’t even know about the injected DLL. Monday, October 5, Extreme Injector v3. Downloading it from third party websites is on your own risk of not getting what you were looking for.


Injectpr option is for hacks to prevent anti-cheats from detecting the work of Extreme Injector. The simple but good looking user interface is what makes Extreme Injector a really comfortable Windows application to use.

Making use of Extreme Injector is easy. This means that using it can be risky because the DLLs you inject extreme injector 3.6.1 be malicious.

It would’ve been useful to have a button for restarting a selected process from the main window, in order to speed things up.

Make sure to mention what OS you are running. Next, type the name of your process together with the extension.

Download Extreme Injector v by Master – Counter Strike World

With the help of this short tutorial anyone can start using it. If you want to target a specific process or select by window name, use the Select button. You can add any DLL and adjust the related settings really easily. These are, in fact, false positives and the tool can be safely used without worrying about security breaches. The latest version of Extreme Injector v3 includes the scramble options that can be enabled or disabled based on user preferences. It may crash or cause errors on OSes newer than Windows extreme injector 3.6.1 as it can change.


Next we want to give a quick overview of the functions this DLL injector includes. To add DLL there is either the button or just drag and drop into the window. Extreme Injector comes with different injection methods: Extreme Injector download extreme injector 3.6.1 first released in and it has been updated ever since.

So you see how feature rich this free tool is. Features of Extreme Injector First thing a user will notice is the simple but customizable user interface.

Start in Secure Mode Starting this feature can have false positive with some anti-virus software. This task shouldn’t take long, after which the tool shows a notification message to let you know it’s over.