I would like to use this font in a logo for a new company. Download our free beginners guide to fonts. As a designer myself, awesome work: Did something change to where you only have the bold offered now? Hi Magnus — Love your font and chose it for my titles, as I do a lot of pencil illustration.

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I found this website by typing the filename in google to check if we have permission to use it. This font is free for both personal and commercial use. I am working on re-branding fff tusj logo for a publishing company that specializes in hands-on materials for drug and violence prevention, character education, life skills, school success, and mental fff tusj. I really like the hand designed feel, and have used it on my website http: Am I permitted to edit this font for use in the logo in order to make it unique?


Not A Niche on Nov19 I hope you like it: D But, am i allowed to embet it to my website?

Tusj, a handwritten font

Thank you very much. Shannon on Oct4 What template do you use in your blog. Fff tusj for the awesome typeface… just what i wanted!!

Thank you for your time: Jeremy on Dec5 Tuaj on Apr15 FH on Sep11fff tusj How do I change that? Luna on Mar1 However, when ffd it in Publisher and Word, if I make it very large eg. Hello, Nicely done and thank you for sharing. You could try the version on dafon: FFF Tusj is highly complex and works best in very large sizes. Most people who have the bold problem use apps like Word and Pages.

So i want to use fff tusj in the design of them, is that permitted? It might be something with my Mac because friends who use Windows have no problem. FH on Sep8 That was the problem Magnus!


FFF Tusj Bold font

Maybe Fontbook thinks fff tusj can go wrong because the font is so big almost 1 MB. Anyway enough of my blathering, what I managed to pull off; http: Jo on Jan25 My only grip is that the extra lines, the eye candy, are not more fusj.

Download our free beginners guide to fonts. Sharon on May13 Sign up for our mailing list. JR on Aug4 Josue on Nov30 The file is fff tusj bit large though.