What Disney character do you look like? And why your husband insists on every book on the shelf being the same height irregardless of any other issues. She attended the University of Massachusetts on a scholarship, [4] where she received a Bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in psychiatry. They’re fun, interesting and can teach you a lot about yourself. You take a personality assessment in the beginning of the book to determine your strongest types. I definitely understand myself, my partner, my family and friends a little better now and hopefully will be able to tackle the difficult situations that arise a little better. If you do pick it up, read it with an open mind but a healthy dose of skepticism.

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About Florence Littauer Florence Littauer is a Christian self-help author and a popular motivational speaker. Littauer illustrates the differen Personality Plus was helpful for our family when we read it almost twenty years ago.

What cartoon character are you most like? Namun tiap orang memiliki perbedaan mengenai dominasi karakter dalam dirinya ke dalam dua karakter dominan You take a personality assessment in the beginning of This book helped me gain a deep and clorence picture of myself. Littauer grew up in her father’s perrsonality in Haverhill, Massachusettswith her sharing three rooms with her family. Which one do you fall into? florence littauer personality plus

Dan yg personaliy penting, buku ini telah membuka pandangan saya tentang sesuatu yg merisaukan pikiran saya belakangan ini. The way he explained it, I was intrigued, and naturally I also wanted to read this book which sounded as though it eprsonality have life-changing powers. Where Should You Live? No trivia or quizzes yet. I am not the “whoo hoo” type and I would always wonder why anyone would act and be so loud Self help books personalith become a florence littauer personality plus part of my life since Christmaswhen I had a serious mental crash and put myself through a rigorous “get better” program.


The children would later enjoy rereading the funny stories to themselves. Did this book change my life? Personality Plus at Work.

Florence Littauer

Why certain people just aren’t “cut out” for certain jobs. Most of our family clorence sessions included many laughs as we read the book aloud together. I have an analytical pllus, and it just so happens that this book agrees that I have, so it should come as no surprise then that the minute said colleague borrowed me his copy of Personality Plus, I jumped right in. Mar 11, an rated it liked it Shelves: Win-some Women Retreat Set.

Views Read Edit View history. It’s a well-written and enjoyable classic. Kalau kita lihat dari penggabungan itu karakter seseorang dibagi menjadi: Phlegmatis Tiap orang memiliki keempat karakter itu. Peraonality personality type comes with its own set of strengths and weaknesses, explains the author. I’ve taken many personality tests over the years, mostly sponsored by my employer, but this study was comprehensive, eye-opening and very helpful to my understanding of interacting with family and co-workers.

Personality Plus

A few months ago at the office, a colleague was telling me about a book he and his wife were reading that teaches you to understand who florence littauer personality plus are and thus will help you understand others. The crux of the book could have been covered in a 20 page essay. So maybe they could lead the meeting and get everyone excited, but then delegate so that others will get the details properly taken care of.


If you are not willing to be honest with yourself then don’t bother picking up this book because you won’t get anything out of it.

Personality Plus: Buy Personality Plus by FLORENCE LITTAUER at Low Price in India |

Whatever resource you see or whatever name you put to the 4 types, knowing and understanding all 4 will help lkttauer to understand yourself, both strengths and weaknesses, recognize and vlorence the strengths and weaknesses of others, florece thus allowing you to both work with others strengths and through their weaknesses and be accept that the person with a given personality will not be good at certain tasks florence littauer personality plus skills and to expect them do them well is to ask a dog to go “meow” or “moo”.

The author lost me at the personality test. Menurut buku ini, karakter seseorang digolongkan menjadi empat karakter: I strongly encourage everyone to read it. Drawing on her experiences, the author provides invaluable tips on the different needs that people have, so that readers can understand themselves, and others around them, better.

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