For a few years, the original developement page of foobillard is no longer reachable and stagnated development. The controls are easy and intuitve. If you are a billard-pro and you’re missing some physics, please tell me. For non-Win32 specific changes from 2. No need to worry about a complicated install.

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If you are a billard-pro and you’re missing some physics, please tell me.

Foobillard++ Home

You can download foobillard the foobjllard version under Downloads. I like the graphics and the physics in the game. If your graphics card and its Win32 OpenGL driver does not support advanced visual effects, then FooBillard should ignore the high-quality display settings and still work correctly.

Despite the game’s minimalist design you only see the foobillard against a dark background the graphics are certainly impressive.

If you like billiards, this is a must have. This is actually a complete rewrite by the original author of fooBillard. Bump mapping foobillard also work on suitable Nvidia cards, but I haven’t tested it. Flobillard game doesn’t require installation and starts a game right away after being launched.


An excellent starting point is the Forum. Have a look on this side from time to time. Pity we can’t say the same about foobillard soundtrack, which is limited to some noises when the ball hits against something. Once you unpack it from the. At the moment, a Win32 port is hosted here. Browse faster Browse the web up to 8x faster than Chrome and Safari. Dreamweaver templates by Foobillard.

2012.01.04 New version 3.42beta released

You can handle the foobillard of the foobillard textures over menu-options inside the view-options. The former foobillard 3. This can be a bit confusing because apparently there is no game menu or any way to change configuration settings.

These are from the Win32 port, versions 2.

voobillard If you want a desktop icon please make sure, that you start the foobillard directly foobillard the folder foobillardplus and the working directory points to this. Powerfully private No more data charges to download unwanted content. For non-Win32 specific changes from 2.


FooBillard Free pool game with realistic physics. Older Intel graphics may fail to render the fancy modes.

FooBillard Ports Page

The trick is pressing the Esc key: Free Download for Windows. Some bugfixes and code optimizations are integrated.

The whole history data is based on xml-format. If you like FooBillard, please convey foobillard words of appreciation, encouragement or worship to Florian Berger. The controls are easy and intuitve.

Download FooBillard – free – latest version

In the standard download are a few songs from foobillard band “Zentriert ins Antlitz”. FooBillard official home page: The rendered display with high-quality settings is very nice if you have a fast Nvidia card. Please unzip the foobillard in a directory of your choice and write-access.