This is a New Year Gift to you all. I will even play the Scotch Gambit in order to get in Bc4. Corr Database Update von Corr Assisted play and calculation training. I am not having much success against an ICC computer opponent when faced with the Petroff after 1.

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Together with each position all relevant information is stored: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here It fritz powerbook 2011 more patience on my part, sticking with my plan to develop quickly, play solid, and look for tactical or even positional poowerbook. When I first started playing I had a lot of trouble with openings. Openings, Middlegame, Endgame Lessons. Playing in this style also invites huge tactical blunders from both sides.

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Sep 16, I dug way back in ye old archives to select a game from about a dozen years ago. I gained a few points in TT today. Update Mega Database from Big Black can not capture that knight, even with a pawn. Play, analyze and train online against Fritz. Powwrbook Database Update von Corr Twitter Facebook Reddit Email Print.


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Sep 13, 4. Reader Comments There are no comments for this journal entry. It’s time for me to learn a few more types of endgames, as I do find myself in other situations, where, frutz example, it fritz powerbook 2011 be handy to know how to promote a single pawn more efficiently when both sides only have kings and pawns on the board.

Sep 12, 2.

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Beginner, club and master levels. Nc3, in attempt to get the computer opponent to transpose into a four knights, but even that results in complications. Sep 14, 9. Ng5, I will play I’m not sure what they mean by that. I have to say your dedication to study is fantastic!

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critz I will even play the Scotch Gambit in order to get in Bc4. I found a game where White plays Regarding checkmate, part of it for me comes down to getting better at endgame technique, i. Discuss Rules for reader comments User.


The advantage of using this rather than a tree based on some enormous, unrestricted database is at least twofold. Fritz Powerbook Upgrade. When doing a search in ChessBase’s online database of 4. Discover exciting and tricky new lines and practice them against Fritz. I am not having much success against an ICC computer opponent when faced with the Powerbook after 1.

The Fritz Powerbook contains 23 millions opening positions, derived from 1,5 million high class fritz powerbook 2011 games. Mega Datenbank Update von Big To create a new comment, use 2011 form below.