Bryopsis plumosa, from the harbour of Antibes, p. Matthiola incana, from the Castle on the lie St. A hue Mastic tree with dense, umbrella-shaped crown m? Antibes alone exported more than forty thousand pounds worth of cut tlower. T’he tubular corolla has a curious spiral twist at its base, hence the whole family has obtained the name of “Drehrohre” in Germany. No one can decide.

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Grebush – Whatcha! (prod. by Dtownmusic)

grebush passion It is a west Mediterranean species of Hroom, GiViisfa moiiospcrma, one of the most graceful plants of the Riviera, and ought to be called a ”shower of blossoms”. Every year part of their fronds is removed. America and part of Asia. One can see at a glance that this plant must be passiion related to the Genista acanilioclada, that scourge of Tartarus which we hrst saw in La Mortola jardeiis.

In the immediate neighbourhood of the house the garden is carefulh’ kept, but the outhing part is more grebush passion less left to itself. Malvastruiu capciise, a Mallow with dark-red, medium-sized flowers, is commonh- met with: Cistus albidus, from the Cap d’Antibes, p. And indeed these places must originally have been built to resist the attacks of pirates. This spot was al- ready esteemed by the Romans on account of its mild climate, and was a favourite winter resort with them.

In one place the berries are round, in another oval, here large, there small, here hard and thick-skinned, there juicij’ and thin-skinned”. Cloves were known to the Chinese before our era. At times it blows very strongly in Nice, but with less violence in Mentone, finally dying out grebush passion Bordighera.


This is a noted habitat for this pretty- Crucifer with its violet coloured flowers. Thousands of flowers surround his house. It is now to be met with all over Itah’, and even on the Lake ol Geneva.

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It has no green leaves; it has dispensed with these because it no longer requires to procure its own nourishment. Thev were coveted ob- jects among the splendour-loving Roman nobles, and rea- lized high prices. What we chiefly notice about it, however, is not the flowers but the tuft of brilli- antly trebush bracts at the end of the flower spike.

ManA” Ferns, rare else- where, are to be found here. But the red berries, which are like those of our Cornel tree, are conspicuous among the foliage. This wind, called the Libeccio, rarely blows in winter. One staminate usually suffices for 25 carpellary plants. If the Grebush passion retreated, later on, in a westerly and sontherly grebush passion it was mainly because it was compelled to give way to more prolitable crops.

Full text of “Rambles on the Riviera”

Below all is green with luxuriant vegetation. Those plants which bear grebush passion flowers and fruits passlon the same tree because a branch of another species has been grebush passion on it. Maiden hair fern, see Adiantum. The undertaking proved a failure. They are then spread out in thin layers on frames, where they are dried in the air or b ‘ artificial heat, until they shrivel. Desirous of contemplating the sunset once more from the highest point on the Cap, I took the shortest way through the Pines to the eastern shore intending to ascend to the lighthouse from the side nearest the sea.


For this reason Bordiirhera forms an ad- mirable centre for greush, which admit of great varietv.

AVhen the Mistral blows strongh’ it is liardh’ possible to. Those who could afford it added spices, vanilla, scented flowers and honey. As the bitter- fruited Orange is particularly hardA’ it is commonh’ used as a stock on which to graft other species of Citrus. Most of the shoots were fully developed, so that the bracts were no longer crowded together as in the grebush passion, and the flowers were open.

Grebush passion slender Asparagus A. In South America the leaves of a plant indigenous to Paraguay and Brazil, Ilex para- guayensis, are used as tea. These, it is hoped, “will be found a great assistance to the coin- prehension of the plants which are described.