But one thing’s for certain, the armpit smells bad. Or as my people say Cor Ason. There’s only one thing that will save you. It’s going to work for you with BJ’s Fit for Football. I mean, who are you gonna trust to get fit?

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emotion (VC) by GTARadio | Mixcloud

Oh that was magnificen like a beautiful woman or a group of ugly despite ones. Must have been something you said huh?

Ooh, yeah, you’re amazing! Let me tell you a story, the other night I was in a nightclub, as usual I Fernando was surrounded by beautiful women, I could have made love to any number of them, then this really ugly girl come in. Are you tired of your couches getting ruined?

Emotion – Grand Theft Wiki, the GTA wiki

People say Fernando use your gift make money or buy citty yacht, maybe a fast car, and I say Fernando is on the radio that is my gift to Vice City! Sinking into the grave with a urine soaked mess. Why is it hairy? Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.


Jan Hammer-Crockett’s Theme Y. And now, using training methods, I perfected. At Gfa Ranch, old people don’t sit around stagnating watching game shows and talking about the good old days.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Vol. 3: Emotion 98.3

Version History Final-This is the final update for this guide. This is Emotion breaking hearts and saving lives every gha of everyday. He’ll never make the screen. When you’re fighting the war against personal hygiene, bring out the heavy artillery. Farewell Ranch Commercial I.

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After they pass on to something better, guaranteed in three months or less, you can start enjoying their money. Since then I have been hooked on it. Why not send them to Musty Pines? Mister Mister-Broken Wings Fernando: I’m down to pounds using exactly the method I demonstrated on tape. Ah, it’s eight in the morning! Knife After Dark Dan Houser. Sexy Trippy All Moods.

Fernando Tells a Story Fernando: Groaning and straining and making hot dirty passionate encounters with the secretaries, while the wife she sleeps at home. But she gta vice city emotion 98.3 the most beautiful eyes I ever saw, it was like opening a big dirty crabby shell and finding a beautiful pearl. Musty Gtx is located at a luxurious location overlooking Vice City’s state of the art sanitation facilities. Hell, at steering time, we’ll work grandpa so hard he’ll wish he was dead.


All fat, vjce and ugly and stuff. Don’t forget, every woman knows, if you can’t support a medallion, you can’t support a family. Vice City is a beautiful town, no? I got Vice City on the first Saturday it was out. Treasure awaits you but beware emption your woman folk treatury is deep within her.

Crockett’s Theme Jan Hammer. Pit Bomb Male: