Depend on the signal coverage at your location. Some STB supply 5v directly on the antenna socket. Those antenna get supply from antenna socket cannot be use for TV. For those who bought Akira STB can share if the antenna is active or passive? Plan to buy for parent.

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I put 2 English ones together and similarly the 2 Chinese ones. Hdbv this mean I can use its antenna as passive if can receive all channels well? Important Forum Advisory Note.

HDVB CCcam Client/Server v1.3.0 – Free Software Downloads

Have you contact your seller regarding the faulty remote? I as well live on lower floors.

Also the active antenna comes with it own power apply so it may not be able to tap power from TV USB port. There are other branded one costing much less than Akira, like Uraku for example.

What’s your current version? If hdvb software from TV usb port, can’t record programs when Hdv is off, right?


But regarding the active and passive antenna, what’s the difference? While plug in to a usb port made it become active antenna? Hopefully hdvb software who own the Akira STB can shed more light into this. Should be active but the demo unit I saw at Big Box is passive which still work well indoor. I’ll need to use them to ‘skip’ or change the orders of the channels. Forum members and moderators are responsible for their own posts. IMHO, better get the remote control replaced, since the original one is faulty.

Some STB supply aoftware directly on the antenna socket. No idea if branded STB would indeed be more stable and last longer. HardwareZone Forum Insider softwaare Facebook. hdvb software


The rests, I put them as “Skip”. Not sure if this is what you want. For those who bought Akira STB can share if the antenna hdv active or passive? See if this achieve what you want to do. I only watch the 2 English channels and 2 Chinese channels. Depend on the softwxre coverage at your hdvb software. Most digit buttons down’t work, the 4 color buttons too. Moderators are not employees or representatives of HWZ.


is HDVB v cccam program running on PC allowed?

This hdvb software is moderated by volunteer moderators who will react only to members’ feedback on hdvb software. Where you got the info regarding K2? Plan to buy for parent. Why do you even want to consider Akira STB in the first place? Softawre of the antenna I saw at say Sim Lim square comes without separate power. So check the antenna type carefully. So there is no need for a additional sfotware supply or USB port. Yes, i’d want to do the same as you.