That said, however, Groopman leaves too many unresolved questions for me to consider this a persuasive work as a whole. Happily, he didn’t die. Books by Jerome Groopman. We listen to all of the recommendations and weigh the evidence as best we can. She had seen many doctors but nothing seemed to be working.

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How Doctors Think

During the presentation, Groopman was discussing the importance of compassion and communication in providing medical care when Salem posed the following question:. People used to doing complicated how doctors think jerome groopman usually do complicated things in simple situations–for example, ordering tests or x-rays when waiting a few days might suffice–thus overtreating people with simple illnesses and overlooking the clues about other problems that might have brought the patient to the doctor.

But most doctors get most diagnoses right most of the time. It makes for a reasonable read, and I see why they enjoy it. Incidentally, that’s about the same rate of accuracy as modern weather forecasting. But the frequency and seriousness of those mistakes can be reduced by “understanding how a doctor thinks and how he or she can think better”.

The rest of the book, however, feels incomplete. I was very engaged with a constant eagerness to learn.

How Doctors Think

Do we need to repeat tests or blood work? Through multiple interviews with doctors and patients in Boston and Docrors Francisco hospitals, Groopman discusses why and how doctors make errors of misdiagnosis and along the way he provides some very useful tips for how to: Informed choice is necessary, sometimes it helps the patient to make hkw by themselves. America has become more of a meritocracy in the professions. Jan 04, Pris robichaud rated it it was amazing.


It is jarring to read “he” every time we discuss the generic doctor and her thought processes. I loved this book, I hope he writes more. Doctors, like all of us, are subject to docors of the ‘fast thinking’ pattern recognition System 1to use Kahneman’s phrase as all of us. Often, decisions made this way are correct, but at crucial moments they can also be wrong — with catastrophic consequences.

The woman did not find the diagnosis convincing and did much research on her own. This chapter is worth a read, and it’s unfortunate that it appears near the end of the book.

The doctor has a lot to learn from society to understand that the treatment given is not the “only way,” but that there are other treatments out there that actually leaves an individual more happy with their decision.

This book is the first to describe in detail the warning signs of erroneous medical thinking and reveal how new technologies may actually hinder accurate diagnoses. How Doctors Thinkhow doctors think jerome groopman New York Times bestseller, was first published in and republished how doctors think jerome groopman a paperback edition last year with a new afterword.

In How Doctors ThinkDr. Groopman is a doctor who realizes he needs a doctor as the result of an experience in which he found himself plagued by a wrist injury that resulted in multiple diagnoses and treatments from four different doctors with no clear and rationale diagnosis. Using many examples of this sort, including some from his own life, Dr Groopman shows how prejudgments, high case loads, and other things can lead to erroneous thinking. This approach is hardly practical for busy clinicians and, in fact, often can lead experts astray.

It’s crucial to listen to the patient without interruptions to record their stated symptoms accurately to avoid making rushed decisions to arrive at an unnecessary diagnosis that could be very well avoided. Read the epilogue if you want a great summary–it reviews how to help your physician come to the best diagnosis.


How doctors think

In sum, when and why does thinking go right or go wrong in medicine? Apr 26, charlie rated it really liked it Shelves: Easy to read and also thorough – more than a pop self-help book.

Following each example of incorrect diagnosis there is an analysis of the reasons why the errors were made. Moreover, students promptly forget the orthodoxy about history taking when they enter clinical training, where they soon learn that vroopman determinations and radiographic images trump talking with patients.

Many doctors assumed she was not eating the amount they suggested and framed her for lying.

How Doctors Think | The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association

First of all, I should say that I’m a doc. He also talks about how physician lore and influence This was how doctors think jerome groopman phenomenal book that changed the way I looked at doctorss doctors visit I’ve ever had, along with questioning at least one diagnosis from my past. Each problem is stated though a story, problem then stated, problem solved, and explaining the problem behind “A book is an experiment, and as with all experiments, there is a sense of uncertainty about how ti will turn out.