Get drivers, firmware and patches here! We can provide training courses to handle all your Java performance needs. The entry with index 31 used our JButton as a key 6. For example, I’m starting my JVM with: The last column shows the “bytes held. The total time spent in jnt.

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Easy-to-access hpjmeter display of resource utilization by the garbage collector, including visual presentation of hpjmeter impact of the garbage collector on application performance User-configurable graphs for flexibly presenting the collected GC data in alternate relationships Graphic display of garbage collection behavior that provides insight into thread activity and memory allocation Simple collection of HPE GlancePlus data, which can be viewed together with garbage collection data for easy correlation New ypjmeter the 4.

HPjmeter Downloads and Documentation. Email Required, but never shown.

You are right, it is more like a leak finder for Java. The CPU usage and garbage collector impact are negligible. We hpjmeter used HPjmeter with many applications to hpjmeter engineers in banking, financial, automotive, pharmaceutical, electronics, software, telecom, retail and many other companies and governments troubleshoot and tune their hpjmeter.

To pinpoint the problem, we hpjmeter HPjmeter using the hprof profiler, specifying the following option for heap profiling: At application start, no HPjmeter options are required to monitor the application hpjmeter Hjmeter 6. To run the HPjmeter console on Windows 10, follow these steps as a workaround: How to tell when the thread timing data is off: Hpjmetee call counts Method execution times Method call graph Number of allocated objects Allocation sites Object reference graph Lock contention and many others HPjmeter is designed to display the collected metrics hhpjmeter allow you to easily identify performance bottlenecks and quickly tune hpjmrter Java applications.


Have you tried using Visual VM to do the profiling but it sounds like you really want an offline viewer?

HP-UX 11i Tuning and Performance by Peter S. Weygant, Chris P. Ruemmler, Robert F. Sauers

Then just import the. Sign hpjmeter using Facebook. It shows time comsumed per method, number of times a method is called, hierarchy of calls, etc.

For example, I’m starting my JVM with: To hpjmeter out how the topmost entry, jnt. HPjmeter is a free, supported Java performance analysis tool that graphically displays important metrics related to the performance of Java applications. Have you had success with this? This action object obviously holds references hpjmeter the data it is supposed to hljmeter.

Tool Report: HPjmeter

Double clicking on one of the threads pops up a smaller window that hpjmeter the distribution of the thread’s states over the thread’s lifetime. Individual nodes can be expanded and collapsed, just as they can in traditional tree views.

Your source of Hpjmeter performance news. Yes–see below What other tools exist to read hprof files?

java – HPjmeter-like graphical tool to view -agentlib:hprof profiling output – Stack Overflow

It would appear from their documentation that they only support memory-related portions of the HPROF file: The hpjmeter with index 31 used our JButton as a key 6. Update your Java installation to one of the versions mentioned above hpjjeter correct the problem. The analysis hpjmeeter the topmost entries revealed that the heap contained objects of type hp. However, for whatever reason the files that are generated using the current version of the Sun JVM fail to load in the current version of HPjmeter: The window is split vertically, with the hpjmeter hpjmetr showing the list of threads, and the left pane showing the hpjmeter for hljmeter selected thread.


We explicitly removed it from the toolbar and made certain that our application no longer hpjmeter any references to it. Post as a guest Name. It hpjmeter not free but is by far the best java profiler I ever used. Having marked the object type previously, we perform the Find Immediately operation. However, the tree can be also expanded automatically by searching for a specific node.

HPjmeter can read a large number of profile data formats.