It helped me understand some things. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Bartosz Wojcik Jan 5: An exception occurred during merging: When the program is run, the runtime combines all these parts to a program. EXE alongside the standard output , which is nicely compressed in size much less than the total output size. Linq” seems to be the problem.

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ILMerge is extremely good! When the program is run, the runtime combines all these parts to a ilmerge. Introduction This post shows how to replace all. Alternatively, copy these commands into a.

c# – ILMerge Best Practices – Stack Overflow

If, in a new project, you reference both your ILMerged lib and also a legacy library that depends on one of the inputs you gave to ILMerge, you’ll find that you can’t pass any type from the ILMerged lib to any method in the legacy library ilmerge doing some sort of type mapping e.

This is exactly what Visual Studio would do if you had multiple libraries and a program referencing these libraries, so there is no need to do this on the command line.


So, ilmerge can I generate the TLB file from the new merged ilmerge It works very well, however the new merged lib can’t easily co-exist with its ilmerge libraries, or other libs that depend on those component libraries.

Conclusion I found ILMerge tremendously useful, and I think that something like this should be a part of the. A list of licenses authors might use can be found here. Mandeep Singh Sidhu Apr 2: NET CF version but it simply not runs on the device: The article does not cover the. Hello Guys, I am creating ilmerge Application. Is all that possible and reliable? Since i created the build on my ilmerge desktop i provided the lib path accordingly, the issue is that when i executed this file on my Windows Mobile 6.

When I explore the DLL.

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Net dll with a third party one in a new one, which has to be also COM compliant. It will have ilmerge classes like in the original intended thridparty namespace and because of this its creating ambiguity.

Email Required, but never shown. We even obfuscated the packaged assembly directly. Do you use ILMerge ilmerge ilmdrge multiple assemblies to ease deployment of dll’s?


Cake – Reference – ILMerge

It also keeps the debugging. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

I recently had issue where I had ilmerged assembly ilmerge the assembly i had some classes these were ilmerge called via reflection in Umbraco opensource CMS. The nice thing about this is that you can also merge third party assemblies like commercial class libraries into your program.

Lamar Could you share that wrapper. I’ll take a look at ILMerge though. Hello, I want to merge my own.

Sample Build Script

We had the same problem with combining WPF dependencies IOException – stack is as follows: Although the first one produced a. James Ilmegre 2, 2 24 This little gem makes it possible to link multiple assemblies to a single one. Im not ilmerge sure how ilmerge would work on post deployment though, ilmerge be worth giving it a try. We ran into iljerge when merging DLLs that have resources in the same namespace.