Based on the NE-layer data at the NM side, the fiber connection information and the protection subnet information, search the paths to form the path information in the network-layer data at the NM side. Make sure that these document and software installation disks in safe keeping and handover them to our customer before acceptance. Enter the user name, password and server. Need to check the configuration on the client computer. Check the Version of OS and disk partition Run the uname -a command in the terminal windows to Check the version of the OS whether this version is Solaris 10 and the patch version is Run the df -k command to check the disk partition whether it is consistent with the recommended disk partition scheme in the Installation Guide. Back up the T configuration data:

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IManager U2000 Web LCT V100R006C02SPC301setup Procedures

The System Monitor window with a login dialog box is displayed in several seconds. If the database can not uninstall completely, can delete the relative information in register table: Remove unnecessary objects from the equipment room.

The following information appears: Log in to the system as user t the default password is t Create an NE directly. Prerequisite The computer installation and all equipment cable connections must be complete.


Double-click the TClient icon on the desktop. Based on the slot layout, the NE automatically configures the logical boards that are required but still not be configured for certain physical boards. As imanager t2000 web lct in the figure, client connect with server through DCN.

After download software from the support website, please check the name ot the package ,if it is different from the name shown in the Support Imanager t2000 web lct, or in document such as Installation guide or Upgrade instruction ,please rename the package before ftp to UNIX.

To protect the Web LCT from illegal logins, you need to instantly change this password and keep the new one. Or reinstall the client. LCT has the T NE layer functions, for example, alarm management, performance management, configuration management, security management, and system administration.

Procedure Check the power cables and grounding cables for each component.

/12/26 T Deployment Guide This course is based on TV2R6C01 or TV2R6C ppt download

Umanager ping command to check the communication between them, if the communication is correct. The pre-installation of the T Client: Imanager t2000 web lct whether there are any missing pins, bent pins, or short circuits lc each socket. Label template Page Run the quit command to exit the isql application. Analysis Procedure can be applied to Windows and Solaris. The first partition drive C requires a minimum of 40 GB space. Select the NE to be added to create a new NE.


Suggestion After reconfigure the environment value, you should logout or restart the computer.

IManager U Web LCT VRC02SPCsetup Procedures – [PDF Document]

Check the shortcut icon. Usually, LCT is used to commission and configure the qeb on the site. The following directories should exist by default: Check the installation of Sybase and T To be givenHow to check alarms???

Back up the T configuration data: Step2 The User Login screen is displayed.

2018/12/26 T2000 Deployment Guide This course is based on T2000V2R6C01 or T2000V2R6C03.

Select Link configuration in Configuration menu form function tree 2. Double-click the TServer icon imanagdr the desktop. Enter the user name, password, and server.

Be sure to remember it, for it will be used again afterwards.