Fitness Trainer Rujuta Diwekar. Add 3 Items to Cart. Moreover, when I was studying sports science and nutrition there was a disconnect between what they taught and what we followed in real life. They’re difficult to follow given the urban life. The diet chart which comes with this dvd will give the gist of the what she has explained in her books. The DVD talks about eating right not dieting and how Indian food helps us to maintain good health. Was that a deliberate move?

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I have something against making food sound technical and scientific. I am not one of those smart and intelligent people. Beautiful exploration of Indian food systems!

andd As far as being a celebrity nutritionist goes, if I am honest th my work, any label is irrelevant. Ankur Arora Murder Case. Every person must know the basics of our food culture and this dvd does the work pefectly.

We have no business eating a kiwi fruit in India. How did you develop this concept? However, for those who are yet to be initiated into her philosophy, this dvd is a good buy. When we accept ourselves completely and unconditionally, people around us do too.


Can be practised in an ideal world where you come home by 7 pm. Mehul Ashar Certified Buyer 14 Dec, When you have some of the biggest Bollywood stars backing you, I guess people sit up and take notice.

‘Food is not our enemy’

Safe and Secure Payments. Stick to your roots, eat closer to home and genes as much as possible and eat in silence, stuff that your granny taught you but you were too busy indulging in her food than listening.

Frankly, I have not read any of rujuta diwekars books and hence expected a lot from this dvd considering her reputation. What we eat is what becomes a part of us and therefore reflects on our growth, physicality and mental well-being as well. Kanika Makkar 6 Aug, The information on this is great. Richa Bhatnagar 29 Jul, We can only look like our own glorious selves.

Though I have been working sincewhat really helped get my work out to people was Kareena Kapoor talking about it. But I was disappointed Certified BuyerMumbai. I never really read rigght books.


Now that has become a style of writingbut for me there was no other option. We need to start seeing how beautiful we really are.

‘Food is not our enemy’ – The Hindu

But, I don’t think one can ‘lose weight’ using these principles. You have a regular day at work, but you feel excessively tired at the end of the day. I eatinv the way I talk. It talks about how we need to stop counting calories and start counting the prana or how fresh your food is.

Counting calories, reducing portion size, giving up dinners… these are the alien ones. Nice info none the less. Rujuta has a simple and honest style of writing. When she spoke, people took notice.

Add 3 Items to Cart.