He, in various capacities, constructed and repaired a number of crematoriums. Realize that each breath we take takes us closer to our end, do not waste time in petty affairs. Serve the needy in silence. Life is short, make the best use of it. Have a contract with God:

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Bandage the injured and those who cannot afford it. Giving is no giving japhi it pains to give. She died on 5 Mar Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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jpaji Sweep the floors of prayer houses, keep them clean. He organized camps for the inmates of Tihar Jail, New Delhi, and many jails in states such as Bihar and Madhya Pradesh in which free eye check-up and distribution of spectacles, scanning and treatment for tuberculosisand distribution of jaoji for inmates was organized.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Nature rewards the humble. Share and consume, and do not eat meat.

One who pays daily respects to a Master is loved by his master. Salute God daily, in each breath you take.


Bhai Tarlochan Singh Ji

He organised his team of volunteers to prepare food whole day and feed thousands of people through Langar community kitchen every morning, in front of Gurudwara Sis Ganj SahibChandni ChowkDelhi. The last project he started was the construction of a multi-storeyed bath room block building in the Gurudwara Bangla Sahib near Cannaught Place, New Delhi.

Do not use drugs, or tobacco. He hired land to grow crops from which grain could be used for feeding the poor. He got many tube wells dug in the city to provide water for drinking and cleaning. He also worked to provide relief during events such as Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunamibomb blasts at Sarojini NagarNew Delhi, Bihar floods tarlochwn September Veerji was born in MandalayBurma on 18 November Compassion is sijgh most important quality in a person, the start point of religion.

Japji sahib bhai tarlochan singh ji is being with Him. His team contributed in relief work for the floods in Kashmir. He died on 19 March God loves us, and looks after us, he is always close to us, and cares for us. If you have less money and cannot feed the birds, feed the ants, as they will be satisfied with just a few grams of sugar and flour chini te atta.


He has immunized several of people for Hepatitis Tqrlochan. Give water to the thirsty. Veerji encouraged marriages without dowry. Shun the company of publicity seekers, they do work for fame and will tarlochaan your works for personal selfish motives. It is the number of souls which are satisfied by you which will matter.

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Realize that service sewa and prayer simran are the only two bedrocks of life. He constructed a bed hospital in LimbdiGujarat as a part of Gujarat earthquake relief works. When there is opposition, and hurt, the service farlochan accepted by Almighty. Veerji discouraged ritualism, and orthodox behaviour. To achieve anything one has to first give up slumber, rest and one has to undergo pain.