The code generated by Jigloo can also be customized, and existing code can be re-arranged to follow the preferred style eg, using getters for GUI elements, or separating elements by blank lines, braces or tagged comments. Skip to main content. I can’t install it on the eclipse 3. Thanks – this is being looked into. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Jigloo version 4 has many new features, including support for the Swing Application Framework JSR , improved support for the Swing GroupLayout as used by Netbeans Matisse , multiple root elements and “Surround by” actions. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

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Excellent parsing capabilities allow complex hand-generated code to be rendered correctly. Blocks of code which are not directly involved in building the GUI can be hidden from Jigloo by user-customizable comment tags. Thank you for your interest in this question.

Submitted by Artur Saldanha on Wed, The code generated by Jigloo can also be customized, and existing code can be re-arranged jiglok follow the preferred style eg, using getters jigllo GUI elements, or separating elements by blank lines, braces or tagged comments.

I Submitted by Jaimie Lin jigloo plugin for eclipse Fri, Hi zsolt, The issue has been fixed in the just-released version 4.


Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found. Submitted by Jonathan Kinnersley on Wed, Junk Submitted by Scott Taylor on Sat, I’m receiving the error: I’ve tried several times with the update, but it doesn’t seem to work Hello, I was not completely exact.

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Components are added, layouts changed etc, by selecting from a palette, or by options in the right-click context menus. Adios to Winter Bash It can apply the current convention to an existing java class eg, if the class uses getters you can convert it to using blocks Layout: Create account Log in.

Could you fix it? Class-changing eg, ijgloo a Composite to a Group, a combo-box to a text field, or to any custom class can also save design time.

Jigloo SWT/Swing GUI Builder 4.01

I was not completely exact. Now I can’t find an updated version that is compatible with Eclipse Luna, and my old version isn’t recognized by Luna.

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Submitted by Michael Wiedmer on Jiggloo, Submitted by Alex Stickland on Mon, It can lead to substantial time-savings for GUI development and maintainance tasks.

It can follow the convention jigloo plugin for eclipse the existing code eg, JBuilder code uses getter methods edlipse initialize it’s components, and Jigloo can detect and use this format or force it’s own convention. Personally I think it’s superior to WindowsBuilder core by having all September to submit layouts and look and fell, unfortunately does not work in eclipse but Kepler Moon itself.


I can’t reproduce this issue – my outline shows and behaves correctly, even if I maximize the editor. When creating components, initial text, image and layout properties can be quickly set using a single creation dialog.

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I’m using eclipse 4. Non-visual classes can also elipse added to the GUI, and their properties edited with the property editor. Parts of a GUI class can be extracted and saved as a new class.

Jigloo is very fast at parsing the java code and constructing the GUI form. Reviews Sign in to post reviews. Receiving “The followingsolution are not available: Skip to main content. Supports visual inheritance – can be used to edit classes which extend other custom visual classes.