But I hope he keeps it long! Look how close the cameraman and sound guy have to stand to them. I mean, I even saw Shintaro before it hit midnight. But this lead to some interesting views and a generally “background” vantage point for us, so we were able to see a lot of the things that the guys did knowing they wouldn’t be seen, like goofing off and horse playing. I felt like there was something xD I wonder if the tap dance isn’t also a way to reminisce Johnny’s world, as there is a part with many Js among who Yuuto, who are tap dancing.

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Johnny’s Countdown ! – 素直な気持ち伝えるのさ

What song are they even singing here? I think he had to have it long for his jidaigeki drama since he didn’t have a wig. Ugh, at this rate, I won’t be surprised if we have Julie and Johnnys countdown 2013 separate countdowns soon. Or was Koichi just making a random comment If you know what was the thing with the ” Tsuyoshi, Koichi, Matchy cuntdown They performed on carts at first, though, so they were pretty far away and I couldn’t see them well.

They sang “Star Light”, but on the opposite side, where I was at, Tsukada was waving as hard as he could to us. I mean, I even saw Shintaro before it hit midnight. Once again you share with us a wonderful concert report. Look at all those hideous costumes at once. It was a good year. At another time when the juniors weren’t dancing, and therefore had some 20013 to goof off, Taiga and Kishi were right in front of me remember, I was in the second row, so I could see their facial expressions and lips moving quite clearly.


Since I was in the B-block area I had a rear view. It went by johnnys countdown 2013 fast. He’s so beautiful, of course I couldn’t resist XD Yeah, it definitely was not surprising. I’m glad that I’m a fan of more than one group, so I could enjoy every part of johnnys countdown 2013 concert. They finished the on-air section of the concert.

Johnny’s Countdown 2013-2014

Ahahaha basically, I want a kankeisha-cam. It was really funny when Yamapi raised his hand to wave at the camera, but it cut to commercial so quickly that they were laughing that his wave probably hadn’t made it on TV. With only a little over a minute left, they chatted to fill the time. During “Chankapana”, Nakajima in countdodn Santa suit turned johnnys countdown 2013 backwards and did a moon walk.

I didn’t mind the tap dancing, just that I said I never would have put it with Arashi’s “Truth”. It made it really easy to see where they were johnnys countdown 2013 all times.


An announcer came out at 5 minutes before to tell us the usual warnings, then the lights went off. Because the cheer was so loud, I feel warm and tingly all over for them. They gathered at main stage, Kinki Kids introducing all the groups countodwn the last time. Meanwhile, the groups that had finished shifted positions off camera.

JFC shintarou, you adorable bb.

Kouichi and Kis My’s cojntdown sparkly outfits were overlapping. Even though they had to do videos, I prefer that over nothing. Higashiyama and Koichi joined in singing “Andalucia ni Akogarete” with Matchy. The only worrying thing to me was factions. I never know where to look either. Some really shiny people have come! johnnys countdown 2013

Johnny’s countdown 2013-2014

Reply Parent Thread Link. I liked “Bulldog” a lot, though it was short, because I have a soft spot for Kei-chan doing cute poses. Ahhh you were in Countdown too!!!