He performs the vocal on seven of his songs on both the albums and live recordings. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Kaizers Orchestra. The source lyrics have been updated. There was an error. For all want to be part of the success, As long as there is money, As long as money is in the picture. After that it was believed they were taking a break, for the members to work on their other projects and work on writing songs for the next album, but on 14 February , they revealed that in January they had recorded several songs for a compilation album scheduled for release on April 20, which was then pushed back to April 27 for marketing reasons. More Kaizers Orchestra Lyrics.

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Login with Facebook Error: We move day by day, Crafting solutions, Granting all wishes, Think Strategy! Inthe members of Kaizers Orchestra took a break from playing live. Alternative rockfolk. The band performed all three songs live on the radio after being announced as the winners.

Kaizers Orchestra – Prosessen lyrics + English translation

Helge Risa was the only one available to show up at the award ceremony, as the rest of the band were busy doing the album mixing. The album title was revealed to be Maskineri in Decemberand around the same time, the first kaizers orchestra prosessen, “Enden av november”, was released. General Comment An attempt at improving the prossssen Just a couple of considerations: In connection with the release of Maestro, Kaizers Orchestra signed an international record deal with Universal Germanytaking them from one of the smallest labels to one of the biggest.


Of its copies, only or so were sold the first year, and they were pretty kaizers orchestra prosessen ignored.

Prosessen (English translation)

And for those who don’t believe in me today We do not have any tags for Prosessen kqizers. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! The Epoch of Romanticism.

Get a taste of the most beloved and fruitful music period. In Januarythe band performed kaizerd material as part of Eurosonic in the Netherlands.

Oh, you are in my hands whatever should come! Add new translation Add new request. The album was released primarily on vinyl, but it was made also available as a digital download through the iTunes Store. Listen to gems from the s, s, and more. Recently they have orosessen the Violeta Violeta trilogy. I hope you enjoy! DarkJoshua’s transcription seems perfect. The source lyrics have been updated.

Welcome to mobrecruitment Here, everyone is undergoing training So give a warm welcome to the priest ‘Cause everyone wants to be a part of the success as long as there are money as long as there are money, in the picture We grow stronger and stronger every kaizers orchestra prosessen We represent every social class from the top of the pyramid and down I look at you I look at iaizers.


Several of the songs Kaizers Orchestra will record proseseen will be used in the piece. Umm, where did you get these lyrics? Lyrics submitted by Jykone.

Prosessen, a song by Kaizers Orchestra on Spotify

The Epoch of Romanticism Kaizers orchestra prosessen a taste of the most beloved and fruitful music period. Orchestga of the Rock Spellemannprisen Their second album, Evig Pint consists of fewer characters and more focused, darker themes: SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. The musical premiered at the Rogaland Theatre November 11, Please review your translation. He performs the vocal on seven of his songs on both the albums and live kizers. During their acceptance speech they announced that following their tour, they would retire after thirteen years together.