Another thing it is web-based, so you can work anywhere you are located. As a consultant in billing and insurance for over 20 years, I have put it through the paces really hard, expecting optimal performance, and placing many demands on performance and accuracy that some might not. Claim rejections are informative as far as what is needed by the payer and enrollment assistance is easy to access. We have had no negative experiences with using Kareo and have never had any software issues. So what does this all mean for our numbers?

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Kareo Reviews and Pricing –

I could, however, call Kareo daily, and they would tell me who wasn’t called. Call Kareo and request a demo.

You get a live person anytime you need assistance. Built for the iPad and the web, it gives you great flexibility and the freedom to stay connected with your patient during an exam. Kareo makes my life so much easier! I do not think anybody can find fault xoftware their customer support.

Showing 1 medocal 20 of reviews. I have recently started using the EHR, after a few years of using their practice management system, and I am very pleased. Their messaging could be improved.


Kareo Clinical EHR Software

As an office manager for this practice for the past ten years, I greatly appreciate the ease of use of the Kareo system. Oscar from Robina Corporation. We have the feeling that we are loosing control of payments received, payments to be posted and claims to be submitted. I also like the templates as they create a good start to entering kareo medical billing software into a note.

Printing the notes is a challenge as you have to print them one by one. Kareo has greatly improved our practice operations. An Android app would be wonderful and a Kareo medical billing software compatible PM program would be great too. We have a small business and Kareo is perfect for what we do. Notes often don’t save.

Sometimes we have glitches that we are the first to find out about and it takes a little longer to fix for us since we are on the East coast. Take the time to learn the software. View full list of Electronic Medical Records Software. Great mobile apps for when oncall or working remotely. After some research and meeting with a billing consultant, the decision was made to move forward with Kareo in the summer of We have encountered stuff being sent to the wrong clearinghouse and they keep sending it only to find it being rejected.


The scheduler, in clinic workflow, and patient communication are really well done. Support and implementation team were helpful during initial trainings.

Pricing and trial were great for what it was. Kareo provides many options for reports. It would be nice to have free webinars available to existing customers to demo how to use each component of the software.

Within 30 minutes I can train an individual and I can even do it over the phone. So even though my gut told me he was wrong, I did it his way. Softwarr what we need! We are very disappointed. Jenah from Southeast Psychology. I have not found anything negative about the software.