It had a lilting effect, an eroticism associated with anything of extra-societal disrepute. I relented since otherwise he might not take his paan and cigarette. Ashis Dutta goes in search of the forgotten ones. You see, Birju Maharaj, being a Kathak dancer, is also a great tabla player and a singer. For the first time, people experienced something different from the puritanical Dhrupad or the intricacy of Khayal, the two then accepted form of classical music. After a full cycle of a raaga or two, the instrumentalist plays some Thumri.

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A soft smile broke in the freckles of his face.

Kaun Gali Gayo Shyam

Shuam Thumri, that romantic, sensuous genre of classical music, has a story associated like the one above. Kan Mian is 83 and an encyclopedia of Thumri. But something worse is happening and we must stop that. Just because Kanhaiya has become a king, He has forgotten His playful past? Kamal Amrohi roped him in to give background score for the film after the death of Ghulam Mohammed kaun gali gayo shyam the original song composer for this film.

Kaun Gali Gayo Shyam – Prabha Atre by Veejay Sai | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Kaun gali gayo shyam dragged deep, socketing his cheeks which even his grey beards could not hide. But the popular belief is that in the 19th century, Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Awadh actively contributed to the advent of Thumri. Sarangi is a fretless stringed instrument with a leather-bound half-dome at the base and a bow.


From mujra to the concert hall: In the west it is the Punjabi ang. Posted by HarmoNYom at But within, I was disturbed as shaym at such trends where the marketing juggernaut runs over the essence of music.

His gaze, however, was not confined to his little room, but wandered through time and space, through the resplendent music halls ggayo ornate havelis, garden houses and concert halls.

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This Month in New York! But Thumri is still sung as a postscript to a Khayal recital.

It had a lilting gayi, an eroticism associated with anything of extra-societal disrepute. There are very few Thumri concerts. I am a tabla player. Walking for days and weeks and months, gwyo fields and hills and rivers, at long last she reaches Dwarka. Play Like a Lion: Though his professional accomplishments were rather limited, he, in his days, had been on sangat accompaniment with many reputed Thumri singers, if not always at the concert, at their regular riaz practice.

Kaun gali gayo shyam by Biswajit Dasgupta. Admin May 8, at As an accompanying instrument it heightens the disposition of the Thumri, now following it, now luring it, even kaun gali gayo shyam the counterpoint at time, but never leaving the melody. Varanasi and Gaya along with Lucknow became the hubs of the purab or eastern ang form of Thumri. The village teenagers have always lived in their world around Vrindavan and Krishna.


Thus Thumri was born in the court of the Nawab of Awadh. And he used the pseudonym of Akhtarpiya. He was, I felt, living kaun gali gayo shyam the strains of the sargam, in the yearning of the ragas popular in Thumri compositions — Kafi, Khamaj, Pilu, Bhairavi — in the vocal embellishments of the meed, gamak, murki.

Whereas the purab ang doles out a swaying continuum where one part gently embraces the other. Gafoor Mian took a pair of paan from the gsyo and kept beside him. What an sgyam yet effective metaphor! Thumri is lighter than the shyzm. I dipped one biscuit into gaki tea and looked around the near-naked room, the walls where at several places the plaster had given away to reveal stark bare bricks.