Hey icefrog please remove murloc’s ult passive it is too imba not to mention his 3rd skill passive. PLS make awesome heroes in 6. Up to IceFrog it’d be cool if you add some new heroes as well as new items. I think shes balanced so as drow coz they dont have survival skills.. New skill means new build. Traxex shall have active ability giving her damage for a limited amount of time. Put some auto bans in CM.

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Too slow, giving enemy advantage of everything. Are you daamn stupid? And also you want a damn hero from stupid lol game to be included in dota?

And pls remake Lztest 3rd Skill and make hs ss more Stronger PLS make awesome heroes in 6. Wisp already has a low hp and 0 armor.

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I agree with aghanim for banehallow Azwraith – immediately produces two illusions when attacked by a skill 4. Her ulti is bad, make it instantly kill things like infernals, so it can at least be a nice counterpick. Huskar’s 3rd skill is too imba. I want a new hero the earth type of SS of pandaren. Not the passive damage ability like Traxexs’ marksmenship. Please rework trueshot aura or marksmanship.


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Pls make the ss of Traxex active. Davion – summons 2 extra small dragons when using ulti 3.

Nevermore – Increase souls 80 Midas – decrease cooldown katest add new heroes fix Traxex Thx: Either one of them can somehow be improved. Include doom bringer, barathrum, lycan, traxex, treant, tuskar, phoenix, legion commander, axe in the list of auto bans. If you can;t kill yourself let someone else do it for ya.

Or giving a skill like disrupters nuke 4 instances of dmg instead of 3. That I am forced to pick support just to help larest up in matches. Isn’t the manacost of Ryla’s ulti too high? Pls latest dota map 6.78 think that invokers ghost walk should have a limit to how long you can use it, and that it should be like a normal wind walk, it’s just disturbing if he want’s he can stay in ww the whole game Maybe a Item with global repercution would be nice for supporters: Like increasing range for a nuke by This is really obvious in DotA one and especially DotA 2.


Improve the casting speed of Lina Inverse’s stun. dotta

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It throws of granita or of stone: With some of them in changeable mode can work single or together with other wards of it’s kind, can switch effects.

Nerf Phoenix’s atk speed slow, and i think it will be ready for CM. Please consider about it. Kunkka – opponents hit by the incoming ship should take damage but latest dota map 6.78 those that are inside the ship crash AOE shall be stunned. A blink strike that doubles as a blink? Put some auto bans in CM. Bane Hollow – increasing senses temporarily revealing all .678 heroes location on the map. May Laetst request for aghanims upgrade for heroes: