And for what it’s worth, this is now tested as working in Live 9. I would like to modify it for use with Push 2. Posted on January 08 by bitbot report. For more information and to download a demo, click here. Posted on January 27 by bitbot report.

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Another UI update probably on the way to make things look pretty, and some more use case testing around Ableton’s “hot swap” feature. Jan little phatty editor librarian Once the presets are transmitted to the LP Editor Librarian, all preset parameters can be displayed in a graphical user interface, including edit functions like Pot Mapping and Filter Poles.

I would be surprised if a project like this patch librarian took more man hours than a single OS update. So if you want to impliment it, you’d have to figure out which numbers are assigned, and how the output is configured Using the LP Editor Librarian, presets can be organized to create custom preset banks — a terrific feature for musicians preparing for their next gig!

Posted on September 11 by poops libragian. I both welcome and appreciate constructive feedback, feature requests, and especially bug reports. The Master Menu order has changed to incorporate these new features in a streamlined and logical fashion.


The program can also be used to learn the inner details of the factory presets. Jan 11 Meanwhile, I have started to add support for the 14 bit high resolution CCs for Filter Cutoff and the like. I am a few weeks away from posting my own Slim Phatty editor. All parameters are fully automatable in your favorite VST or AU Host see product web page for current Host supportgiving you little phatty editor librarian ability to visually program the Little Phatty or Slim Phatty to your music via the Host sequencer.

Also just little phatty editor librarian up a Slim Phatty and wondering what the progress was here on sysex implimentation for that too. Have you changed something that isn’t mentioned in the comments?

But there’s no problem changing presets and paramaters over usb through M4L. I can also access the master menu without a problem. You can now choose to set a different keyboard priority which is saved per patch.

M4L Moog Phatty Editor version by bitbot on

Updated this device tonight due to some user feedback. Posted on February 14 by bfrombmore report. Username Password Remember me Forgot your password? Anyways, i looked into sysex.


Device Details

Haven’t been using M4L since the 64bit beta. Some of the new features and enhancements are I just discovered your device, when Libraeian was myself halfway through creating my own Slim Phatty software panel. The only things that work are the buttons to change the knobs to a particular parameter, which displays ok, but the knobs don’t control it – I can’t change the oscillators’ octaves either.

I dont have a NordLead.

MATRIXSYNTH: Little Phatty Editor Librarian

Did that fix it? I’m on Live 9. Thought Phatty reach out before jumping down the rabbit hole. I just tried uploading the firmware 3. I am thinking of doing one for the Little Phatty, do you think that would be of use? The settings of the front panel controls can be displayed with several resolutions, including: Why would they need to go to an outside developer in the first place?