Please note that we use kernel version numbers, therefore all plugins have the same version number. Preset window didn’t select current preset when Sort has been enabled. Deharmonization in analyzers could lead to incorrect results in some rare situations. Parameter Lock feature did lock parameters even if they were disabled. Numpad characters except for numbers couldn’t be entered on Mac.

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Some windows were incorrectly decreasing their mautopitch when certain panels have been collapsed. Keyboard input on Mac OS X with older Carbon interfaces mautopitch generated backspaces instead of letters. Easy screen XY pad didn’t have a help even if there was a help info.


Step sequencer mautopitcb were not saving correctly. Added number buttons to band settings of all parametric equalizers, which lets you switch between bands quickly. Improved inactive color mutopitch behaviour on OSX. Plugins now display name of current preset. A crash could occur in some rare circumstances when a progress mautopitch has been displayed.


Changes to active preset Mautopitch are now applied immediately when multiparameter settings are changed, which makes GUI design considerable easier.

Multiparameter bank randomize could lead to unstable situations. When searching through presets the total number of presets are displayed along with the number of mautopitch presets.

It was possible to mautopitch the plugins by creating a cycle using multiparameters. You are probably aware that recording vocals can be mautopitch very time consuming process. Added Favourite paths feature to all file dialogs and selectors.

Editors with tabs now remember selected tab. Mautkpitch in several panels now change colors for better indication.

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Phaser FX feedback didn’t maintain backward compatibility. Upsampling latency being reported was invalid. Added “Allow default colors by plugin type” option to global settings, that disables default color mautopitch by plugin type. Multiparameters in Banks mode didn’t update LFO’s step sequencer mautopitch.

MAutoPitch changes

Plugins could cause lags after changing presets in mautopitch nonoptimal hosts Live, Logic. Installer didn’t install color presets for the new styles. Meters may not get initialized right after opening the projects when nondefault settings have been saved. Added “By bank name interpolated” multiparameter value mode and “Show name” option. Increased times for “repeating buttons” to avoid unwanted repeats when clicking mautopitch slow devices such as touchpads.


MAutoPitch changes | MeldaProduction

Various optimizations and performance enhancements. Lowered graph zooming ratio for easier control. Added ADSR tremolo sync and random initial phase features. MIDI settings parameter Value mautopitch update immediately. New user interfaces have been upgraded mautopitch easier and quicker workflow.

Please submit only reasonable presets or you will be banned.

ADSR tremolo shape change via menu didn’t update immediately. There were problems in some specific older GPUs. Added global modulator switch, presets and randomizer. Help windows might have been mautopitch sized on HDPI screens.