Mail some times screws up and stops working , stats money and much more is just givin with out notice. You may purchase modifications for your source codes from MCCodes or various other community members – these are not supported by MCCodes. Where do I install the crons? You are responsible for whatever happens on your site. I’m already setting up a site for my game which I plan to call Metalyard Online Posted April 26, It gives you small amounts of codes for your game.

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You are responsible for whatever happens on your site. Serwis jak i administracja mmoct. Email me or post here.

MCCode v2 template !

Yes it Is MCcode Posted November 8, Posted January 24, What mccodes v2 you talking about? Posted June 19, Admin Panel – edit user do not work! Torn City was made off of the 2. You can add your own items and crimes and the mcfodes from the Staff Panel. Base Features shared with v1: Posted February 1, Gives you codes for Text Based Games.


Narzedzia watku Wersja do druku Wyslij na email… Subskrybuj ten watek…. Email me at metalyard att gmail. Mccodes v2 Add cities works fine also donater.


Its just a Beta site though. May I point out that the donator. You will be able to download the source code from our Customer Area after purchase is completed. Php on line The idea of getting free code portions in order to mfcodes with development of online games seems like a cool idea, but this sounds like mccodes v2 could be hoaxish or force money out of the user instead of being as free as implied.

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Mail some times screws up and mccodes v2 workingstats money and much more is just givin with out notice. This isn’t particularly helpful to me, but please stop posting the same message!! Posted June 18, Posted August 11, Tagi dla mccodes v2 watku mccodes.

Posted June 8, Either way in theory its a great idea so that people can use methods and whatnot developed to handle the basic things all web based text games do and just let the user focus on building the customizations.


What you need to install MCcodes game to work: Share this post Link to post Mxcodes on other sites.

Php mccodes v2 the add city in mccodes v2 script DO NOT work at all so unless you are into coding dollars would be a lot of cash to spend on ver 2. Com for the site URL. As a side note, I removed all of mcfodes re-posts and gave him a warning, if you see unfair posting like that Masz pytanie zadaj je w odpowiednim temacie na forum. Important things When you recieve the MCCodes Redux engine, you are not allowed to resell it under any circumstances!