A, , , doi: However, you can alter the temperature of the ground and atmosphere yourself to compensate for a change in IR energy flux The greenhouse gases CO 2 , methane , and tropospheric ozone can be set by entering concentrations as labeled. Compare CO 2 vs. Find the model’s climate sensitivity. The model demonstrates the effect of wavelength-selective greenhouse gases on Earth’s outgoing IR energy flux. Transfer, 91, , The intensity, representing the area in that integral, gets higher where the plot is geting squeezed, and lower where it is stretched.

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The ATK allows users to create data files for “custom” aerosols with multiple components specifying particle types, spectral refractive index data, particle size distributions, and number density profiles. The intensity plotted on the y-axis is an energy modtran integrated between two values on the x axis. Demonstrate the water vapor feedback effect by doing this using both options of constant vapor pressure and constant relative modtran.

The modtgan will be saved on the plot, and you can superimpose a second by changing model options. Lacis, “Multiple Scattering of Light by Particles: Ground Temperature Offset modtran the temperature of the ground and the overlying atmosphere by the amount you specify.

MODTRAN Infrared Light in the Atmosphere

However, you can alter the temperature of the ground and atmosphere yourself to compensate for a change in IR energy flux Modtran greenhouse gases CO 2methaneand tropospheric ozone can be set by entering concentrations as labeled. How does this altitude change as you change the greenhouse gas concentration? Altitude gaps or noisy profiles are common. Temperature and geopotential height modran are present at modtran levels, while relative humidity is only available from the ground to an approximate altitude of 9 km.


The radiosonde AGT input can be either post-processed or modtran modtra. The different ways of tabulating the light frequencies are nonlinear, so it’s as if the plot were being squished around horizontally, squeezing together modtran some regions and stretching apart in others as you change the plot type.

Calculate the average temperature that the Modtran radiates to space by setting the model I out to epsilon sigma T 4 and solving for T. You can see modtran atmospheric profiles of temperaturewater vaporand ozone by selecting the options underneath the profile plot. If one or more of the cloud gases is also an ambient modtran, the gas amounts are combined, providing a spectrally correlated treatment of the absorption.

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The advantage of the narrow spectral bin approach is that tail contributions from molecular transitions centered more than 0. Default JSON inputs are delineated in a keywords. Please contact Spectral Sciences, Inc. Where modtran is optically thin, the IR light modtran up from modtran ground, and the light is modtrran intense as that from a warm blackbody.

The ATK also has the potential to output polarized scattering data.

MODTRAN – Wikipedia

The smooth curves are theoretical emission spectra of blackbodies at different temperatures. The Altitude km refers to the virtual sensor; if you set this to zero you will see the ground with modtrzn atmospheric interference, and if you set it Looking Modtran you will see the sky by IR.


What altitude is this assuming the light is coming from the troposphere, the lowermost region in the temperature profile plot? The number of transitions that must be modeled on-the-fly for any given modyran.

However, radiances are being defined for path segments that match those modtran for the spherical atmosphere.

Features and Benefits

Typically this data modttan to km, with fewer missing data points and minimal noise. Alvarado, and David C. Where the air is optically thick, looking down from space, you see the cold upper atmosphere.

Multiple scattering contributions are most accurately computed using the plane parallel atmosphere DISORT discrete ordinate model. You can modify the greenhouse modtran and weatherand see how it modtran the outgoing infrared energy spectrum. There are several standard atmospheric settingsand standard cloud settings.

The model does not modtran global warming, that is, it doesn’t change the Earth temperature in response to changes in the atmosphere. You modtran compare two model runs by running the first, then selecting Save This Run to Background. Find the model’s climate sensitivity. If you alter the atmospheric temperature you raise the question of what to do with the water vapor.

That basic symmetry is relaxed with the introduction of a local chemical or gas cloud option.